Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The Ecologic Tea

Boko just came back from China bearing tea. Two types. For smokers and non-smokers.
We fall into the latter category. And the conclusion is China-English is almost as hilarious as the Japanese English you read on pencil cases and T-shirts that make no sense (The sun is blue beautiful and peaceful is for you- type of message).

This is what was written on the side panel.

This kind of unpoluted green food tastes a litter bitter and then a bit
sweet. It lasts well. It can help to reduce blood pressure and blood grease, and
can get one calmed and refreshed. It is a kind of pure natural ecologic

And being the teachers that we are, the first thing to come to mind was to turn it into an English exercise. Well, I thought of the thought, but Boko developed the lesson. :)
So, here it is for those who are buggering all and those who have too much time. :)

1. Spot the language errors in the paragraph below and underline them.
2. Identify the type of error, using the following key: (sample: S -
spelling, T - tense, C - concord).
3. Write the correct form of the word or phrase above each error.
4. Follow up questions:
a. What do you think the writer is trying to say?
b. How successful is he in communicating his ideas?
c. What would you change to make the paragraph clearer?
d. Is there a difference between how a Singaporean
understands English and how someone from another country understands English?
What is the difference? You may use any country for comparison.

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