Tuesday, September 14, 2004

A Bobby Update

Hmmm, when I was writing the title, it actually came out as a booby update. Heh.

Anyway, my new name is Nicole and I am a Stepford Wife. All through yesterday, people were annoyed with me because I didn't respond to them when they called out for me. But then again, it wasn't my fault. No where wired in my brain is there the circuitry for me to respond to the name Nicole. My parents didn't name me Nicole. My name isn't remotely close to Nicole, so I apparently walked past many people who were trying to get my attention. :)

My kids were even more hilarious, the boys would adopt a glazed over look and pretend to push supermarket carts everytime they were in line of sight. It'll get old really soon but the puzzlement on the faces of the other kids who did not see Stepford Wives is still pretty priceless.

That's what you get when you organise a class outing to see a movie.

Well, apart from that, this term sucks. My timetable's a mess because the school is trying to implement the 5 day work week. So our staff meetings are stuck on a late Wednesday afternoon instead of during the day like it used to be. This probably means we're going to be stuck in school till Wednesday nights. And my exam paper isn't the first paper of the lot, meaning that there'll be less time for us to mark in the already shortened time given to us since we seem to lose like 3 weeks of school this term. So excuse me while I go slightly hysterical with the amount of work I need to get done before we even think about a break. *Gurgle*

My lot in life and I chose it. Yesterday, students from my elective asked why in the world I was in teaching since my degree was, in their eyes, non related to teaching and I had taught them in the elective that there was so much that could be done within the subject. I told them what I tell everyone, it's more relevant than you think and I didn't want to be working in a clinic and ending up becoming more neurotic than I already am. I don't think Dan could stomach any more neurosis from me.

These kids are a good bunch. I told them that they were picked out of a pool of 150 for the sheer fact that they could think outside the box and they didn't want that box there. I think it's pretty clear by now that I don't particularly like the confines of the cardboarded enclosure. They did well and I'm pretty pleased that they got something out of the course and perhaps, if they chose to do it at uni, they go in with their eyes open, which is more than I can say for myself when I rushed headlong into it some 8 years ago.

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