Monday, May 08, 2006

Strip Poker- The G version

Sometimes, to convince little ones to take a shower, we have to do the darndest things. I'd finally managed to get my 5 year old niece into the bathroom but she wasn't keen on taking her shower.
Having come back from running with my socks still on, I decided the only way of getting her showered without resorting to showering her with her clothes on was to strike a deal with her.

For every piece of clothing she took off, I'd take off one too. I knew I had enough to go round, with a crop top under a tank top that was under a dri-fit shirt, shorts, plus socks on both feet.

And it worked. She finally got undressed enough to be showered and I was short of socks and a dri-fit t-shirt. But the important thing is I won.

Cheap thrill, to outsmart a 5 year old.

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