Thursday, May 04, 2006

Practical Politics

Election fever has hit town, well, the half of the town that is able to vote anyway. There're many ways of deciding which candidate to vote for. Of course, one could attend rallies. One could decide that Singapore has done well and it couldn't have done so well if not for the PAP. One could also decide that the PAP has been far too cocky and has gotten too big for its shoes and choose to vote the opposition- not for a moment, believing that the opposition will win, but to narrow, as much as possible, the margin that the PAP wins by, hence questioning its mandate to rule.

Alternatively, we could use Plentyfish's logic. Discussion on local politics over MSN this morning.

Me: Do you get to vote?
Plentyfish: Oh shit! I have to vote.
Me: At least you get to vote.
Plentyfish: Ai yah, over rated. Plus I never see the other people around. Only the PAP shaking hands at the MRT station.
Me: Hmmmm....
Plentyfish: I only SEE the PAP so I vote for who I SEE.
Me (thinking): Maybe the opposition isn't up yet (And deciding that wasn't a very flattering argument)
Me: Some say the PAP has been too arrogant.
Plentyfish: Yah, that's one reason to vote for the WP. And if I did, the PAP cannot do anything to me.
Me: Why? So special?
Plentyfish: They cannot make my house no light. If they make my house no light, then George Yeo's house, also no light.

...Right. He obviously hasn't heard of the proverbial rain cloud that can just follow one person and leave everyone else dry.

Alternatively, he could do what most people do, flip a coin.

But warning! According to a source that cannot be revealed (like the KKK with pillowcases over their heads), even if you wrote in big bold uppercase NO in the PAP box, it will still be counted as a PAP vote. If you put a big cross in it too, also, your vote will still go to the PAP. If you put a big monkey face, with an upturn face- :-(, also, they will get the vote. So, if you want to vote for the PAP, you can do that, you can tick the box, draw flower, all can. But if you want to vote for the opposition, don't go anywhere near the PAP box. A faint pencil mark, as long as it's in the box, will also be counted as a vote. Don't accidentally vote for the wrong person ala Donna in the West Wing.

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