Thursday, May 04, 2006


I'm hiding now. AXN has a new series on television, Supernatural. Packrat's watching it and I was, for about a minute, before I started watching it through my fingers, two minutes before I had Packrat's hands over my right hand, over my left hand, over my eyes. Four minutes before I was fully buried into the couch.

I lasted a good six minutes before I took advantage of the ad break to run into the room and I don't think I'm going out there again. It's scary. Spooky, ghostly, things under your bed going BUMP type of scary. And I'm really not good at scary. I'm not as bad as my ex flatmate who jumped during a scene in Antz, but I'm not much better.

Packrat's watching it because it's got Dean from Gilmore Girls. I didn't like Dean so much because he was the quintessential good guy that you could bring home, always nice, too nice, too boring. Yawn. My pick was Logan. Rich kid, heir to a newspaper empire, charming, spiffy. But even then, if he stared in a scary movie, I wouldn't watch it. Primarily, because I wouldn't see much of him and then when I saw him in Gilmore next, my experience would be tainted and my warped mind would forever link him to the scary movie in which he played the role of a restless and vicious slice and dice spirit.

And the mind is such a fragile thing. So's the imagination. In order to preserve it and also to finally get some sleep, I'm going to bed now. That way, I won't be scared, I'll be rested and I can once again wake up at some ungodly hour in an effort to grade papers although more likely than not, I will end up blogging as I usually do, except for this morning and it had to do with a wonky Internet connection and downright condescending tech support. But that's another story, for another time.

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