Monday, September 27, 2004

What Classic Movie Are You?
personality tests by

No. Seriously?

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Friday, September 24, 2004

The Lack There Of

This morning, every female teacher in school was given a bright pink postcard with a quite attractively stylised pregnant Asian woman on it, proudly announcing BEAUTIFUL MOMS, with a little byline Moms R Us- it's all about fun and funk! It's an advertisement for a local maternity fashion website and it looked quite promising.

I have also maintained that the lack of attractive maternity clothes in Singapore is one of the reasons why we're having the baby drought. Well, I have also announced more than once, that until I find nice maternity clothes without having to spend a whole ton of money of shipping costs, or come up with hare brain ideas of how to get a friend in the US to receive my package from Gap Maternity- I wouldn't have kids.

So, I looked up this website with great expectations and hope. After all, they managed a pretty funky fuschia pink postcard that is sitting on my increasingly cluttered cubicle division.

But woe is he who expects.

The models Hippy Helena, Chic Cheyenne, Funky Felicity, Candid Candy and Charming Cassandra were modelling clothes that I wouldn't EVER want to be caught dead in. You'd have to pay me a whole lot of money to actually get me, kicking and screaming, into those clothes. And the names of the models???? There are better ways of making pregnant women feel better about themselves if it was necessary.

So, back to the drawing board are we. The little flicker of hope has been extinguished. It is impossible to be pregnant and beautifully dressed in Singapore and not have maxed out your credit cards.

It's hard to be a Hot Mama in Singapore.

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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Fairy Tale

This is the stuff fairy tale proposals are made of.

"After I got there, he woke me up really early, dragged me out of bed competely jetlagged and told me he was taking me out deer-spotting. I was like, I need more sleep. I don't give a shit about Bambi. He dragged me outside the house and there was this guy setting up a hotair balloon in the field outside his house which belongs to the family. So he took me up on a balloon ride over the Berskshires and it was so beautiful. The mist and mountains and green. At the end of our ride, he made me look down and there was his sister standing next to a huge tarp sheet on the ground with bright pink words "My love, will you marry me?" Then he got down on his knees in that tiny hotair balloon basket and held out this diamond ring. How could a girl say no? Obviously, his entire family was in on the surprise becauselater on that day, all his brothers and cousins called him to check how the whole thing went and if I'd said yes. After that, we all had champagne and muffins and strawberries and celebrated. "

And all of it is real. It's part of an email I got from one of my friends last night and I haven't stopped being thrilled for her yet. Of course, it makes my life seem dull in comparison, but I might get to be matron of honour at this wedding that will transcend continents.

Of course, there's a little bit of me that's wistful and wishing that it was me and wishing that I could relive all that again. But I've been reminded that I was a horror to be with during those months running up to the wedding and other people do not want to have to go through that again, so I shall just live vicariously through my friend and plan her wedding for her.
This means a possible trip to Massachusetts next year!

Time to start saving...again.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Afternoon snooze

I am so sleepy.

I've tried Chinese tea to keep me awake.

I've tried chocolates- a toblerone triangle
- A Ferroro melt in your mouth type

I've tried sleeping on my table.

I've tried dream marking- I think I'm marking but actually I'm dozing.

I've tried putting hand cream on my hand.

Nothing works.

Absolutely nothing.

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Inside Out and Back to Front

You know it's going to be strange week when you put on your clothes inside out and then attempt to change it around and have it end up back to front.

I've done the superhuman feat of marking 100 essays in less than a week. I am amazed. My kids are amazed. My colleagues hate me now. But it still sucks. It sucks when you try to pat yourself on the back for your little achievement, only to realise you still have 100 comprehensions left untouched. That's where I am now.

So I've spent the morning reading the paper, having breakfast in between classes- I've been saddled with first period classes for 3 days of the week and then ringing round to look for a gym like place to workout minus the gym. I've come to the realisation that I like superhero girl characters on television. I liked Buffy and now I like Sydney Bristow from Alias (which we've started watching since there really isn't much on telly these days) and now yearn for a body like hers. So, off to work out I am. But it is a sizable amount of money and I'm not sure if I'm willing to invest so much. It may turn out like my attempts at ballet classes that I end up not going for half the time and kick myself silly for spending all that money.

I could just be prudent and go running. It's free since I already have running shoes, but I'm extrinsically motivated. I think it comes from years of having a track coach push you just that little bit more to get you to go under your previous best time, or that ballet teacher that is on hand to yell at you if something is out of place. It's an unhealthy dependence and yes, I admit it, I'm a sucker for punishment.

Having said that, I remember also shying away from classes and training when my coaches or teachers were mean and told me I was fat, lazy and/or not putting in enough effort. I would rationalise it by telling myself that I didn't pay the teachers to abuse me. So, I like being pushed but I don't like the drill sergeant method of getting the message across. That's why girls don't serve National Service. We'll all end up crying in a puddle because we got yelled at, either that or we'll yell back and kick them in the nuts and never get to go home during the weekend. Ever.

It's a precarious balance finding that ideal coach/teacher like person. :) I'm fussy.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The Ecologic Tea

Boko just came back from China bearing tea. Two types. For smokers and non-smokers.
We fall into the latter category. And the conclusion is China-English is almost as hilarious as the Japanese English you read on pencil cases and T-shirts that make no sense (The sun is blue beautiful and peaceful is for you- type of message).

This is what was written on the side panel.

This kind of unpoluted green food tastes a litter bitter and then a bit
sweet. It lasts well. It can help to reduce blood pressure and blood grease, and
can get one calmed and refreshed. It is a kind of pure natural ecologic

And being the teachers that we are, the first thing to come to mind was to turn it into an English exercise. Well, I thought of the thought, but Boko developed the lesson. :)
So, here it is for those who are buggering all and those who have too much time. :)

1. Spot the language errors in the paragraph below and underline them.
2. Identify the type of error, using the following key: (sample: S -
spelling, T - tense, C - concord).
3. Write the correct form of the word or phrase above each error.
4. Follow up questions:
a. What do you think the writer is trying to say?
b. How successful is he in communicating his ideas?
c. What would you change to make the paragraph clearer?
d. Is there a difference between how a Singaporean
understands English and how someone from another country understands English?
What is the difference? You may use any country for comparison.

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In an effort to spend on the HSBC credit card everyday, we bought a weighing maching 2 weeks ago. I've had a sneaking suspicion before that that I had been putting on weight. Those out there who know me will think me insane for worrying about weight gain, but the dancer AND the runner in me that wasn't allowed to put on an ounce of weight for 10 years still has a death grip over me.

So anyway, in the last 2 weeks, it's been confirmed. I've put on about a kilo and a half, plus minus water retention and all that nonsense. Although I know it would have been quite impossible, a statistical and hormonal almost impossibility, I was kinda hoping that this weight gain was because I was pregnant- just so that I could justify it to myself. But no, it's just really weight gain.

Bugger that. The weight gain, not the not being pregnant.

In case people out there are wondering whether I'm broody (hee, the first time someone asked if I was broody, I really thought it just meant was I in a not very good mood and why did I seem contemplative and had the world on my shoulders. It took me a while to figure that she meant, whether I was feeling like I wanted a "brood" to watch over- to which I thought of chickens and then I said NO, very firmly)...anyway, I've digressed...well, on some days I am, and on some days I'm really so NOT. I think these days conincide with having been in shopping centres, buses, trains, anywhere in general with screaming kids and nonchalant parents or well, just hanging out with my nephew and neice.

But I've got a plan. And it's a secret plan. Kinda like the one to fight inflation- which will be unveiled in due time (no pun intended). But let me just say, don't hold your breath on this one. It's not happening anytime soon.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I ELoathe TestS

I just found out that even though my entire academic education was done in English, including 3 years in a top Australian university pursuing a degree that was fully taught in English and subsequently coming back and being trained to teach English and currently teaching English in a top school in Singapore isn't enough convince Immigration Australia that we actually speak the language.

We just received an e-mail that said that we had to do the academic IELTS test as soon as possible. Even the case officer handling our documents admitted that it was ludicrous. But even then, she still had to follow procedure.

And we complain that people go by the book in Singapore.

I know my English isn't exactly the most brilliant but I do feel offended by the notion that I don't actually speak English enough to qualify to live in Australia.

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A Bobby Update

Hmmm, when I was writing the title, it actually came out as a booby update. Heh.

Anyway, my new name is Nicole and I am a Stepford Wife. All through yesterday, people were annoyed with me because I didn't respond to them when they called out for me. But then again, it wasn't my fault. No where wired in my brain is there the circuitry for me to respond to the name Nicole. My parents didn't name me Nicole. My name isn't remotely close to Nicole, so I apparently walked past many people who were trying to get my attention. :)

My kids were even more hilarious, the boys would adopt a glazed over look and pretend to push supermarket carts everytime they were in line of sight. It'll get old really soon but the puzzlement on the faces of the other kids who did not see Stepford Wives is still pretty priceless.

That's what you get when you organise a class outing to see a movie.

Well, apart from that, this term sucks. My timetable's a mess because the school is trying to implement the 5 day work week. So our staff meetings are stuck on a late Wednesday afternoon instead of during the day like it used to be. This probably means we're going to be stuck in school till Wednesday nights. And my exam paper isn't the first paper of the lot, meaning that there'll be less time for us to mark in the already shortened time given to us since we seem to lose like 3 weeks of school this term. So excuse me while I go slightly hysterical with the amount of work I need to get done before we even think about a break. *Gurgle*

My lot in life and I chose it. Yesterday, students from my elective asked why in the world I was in teaching since my degree was, in their eyes, non related to teaching and I had taught them in the elective that there was so much that could be done within the subject. I told them what I tell everyone, it's more relevant than you think and I didn't want to be working in a clinic and ending up becoming more neurotic than I already am. I don't think Dan could stomach any more neurosis from me.

These kids are a good bunch. I told them that they were picked out of a pool of 150 for the sheer fact that they could think outside the box and they didn't want that box there. I think it's pretty clear by now that I don't particularly like the confines of the cardboarded enclosure. They did well and I'm pretty pleased that they got something out of the course and perhaps, if they chose to do it at uni, they go in with their eyes open, which is more than I can say for myself when I rushed headlong into it some 8 years ago.

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Saturday, September 11, 2004

The Week in Review

Monday- Woke up late, went running till I was beetroot in the face. Marked at Coffee Bean with a really dry cranberry muffin while Dan and colleagues hashed out a curriculum of sorts for next year's guinea pigs. Watched Bourne Supremacy

Tuesday- Tuition followed by wandering around aimlessly while waiting to see colleague who has just delivered at Thomas Medical Centre- verdict was not to ever deliver there because the hall ways were dark, and there were bottles of Lulu bleach and detergent sitting at the reception counter. Tick for giving me the heebeejeebees. This was followed by collecting the car which was at Ford to get another key programmed. One of those key things cost a grand total of $230! Dinner was at the beach, smoky but nice.

Wednesday-Tuition proceeded by the lopping off of hair. Had tea with Eun and saw an entire bunch of debaters at Ya Kun (where we were having tea). Made dinner from scratch. Went running in the evening.

Thursday- Woke up extrememly achy. Went to the spa to alleviate ache but to no avail. Dan and I went to see his student in hospital.

Friday- Dan went to see the doctor because he has mysterious chills at night and is extremely exhausted. Doctor couldn't figure out what was wrong and prescribed him Panadol. So he napped till it was time to see The Terminal (read Dan's blog for full review of it) and then proceeded to go back to sleep after that. I went for pilates. Trying to make it a twice a week affair.

Now it's Saturday and my week really doesn't account for much. It didn't feel like much of a holiday and there wasn't a day when we didn't do anything non school related. Bugger. I'm grumpy now because Monday, school starts again. Humph.

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Thursday, September 09, 2004

A Bob

I've cut my hair. And I am quite sure that my dad will bemourn the loss of my hair. He hates it when gender stereotypes are messed with. Boys have short hair. Boys with long hair get hissed at by him. Girls have long hair. Girls are not supposed to have short hair, therefore his daughter is not going to hear the end of it until her hair grows to a more decent length. Either that or I don't see my dad for well, according to Ashley my hair dresser, the next six months at least. :)

So, it's a bob and it's got a fringe that flops to one side. My chosen side is the left. Unfortunately, this morning, I woke up with a kinked right side of my neck so it hurts when I tilt my head to the left to keep my hair in place. The whole day it's been "hair messy, hair needs a toss" followed almost immediately with "owwwwwwwww, my neck, stupid neck, stupid stupid neck". My solution to it was to get a massage. One and a half hours later and all sticky with oil, my neck's still kinked and my hair's still in need of the occasional floop to the left (I made up that word, but it sounds about right). So, I've given up and used a clip. No more flooping and my neck's at peace for now.

I'm finally done with marking the "seeing much, suffering much, studying much-is this the plight of our young?" essays. Not one essay got a good mark from me because they were too cookie cutter. Yes, we see a lot because in this modern technological age (their stock beginning for ANY essay, be it to do with marriage, genocide, beauty, starvation and poverty), the Internet allows us easy access to porn and violence and it is a BAAAAAAAAAAD thing. Yes, we suffer a lot because we have so much stress and pressure on us (read Fear for my take on that) and YES we study a lot because we spend x number of years in school and x number of hours in school and buried in books. Uh huh. So, I'm bored and moving on to how important beauty is in our world today. I'm quite sure I will get more stock answers like "no, beauty isn't important, it's what's beneath that is important" lalalala...

I need to get out. We were supposed to go running today but on account of my kinked neck and the fact that everytime I sneeze, my lungs move an inch up toward my oesophagus, not a good idea. Plus we're visiting Dan's student who's just been diagnosed with lymphoma. The kid's 15. That's just way shitty. If I were his parents, I'd be alternating between panicking and praying. If I were him, I would be just in a lot of pain and not quite sure what I did to deserve this and if I were his friends, I'd stay far away from the hospital because I'd think it was weird and I might catch it from being near him- only to feel really guilty and later fearful about it, because my friend is ill and in hospital and there's nothing I can do about it. On all three accounts, there's a similar feeling of utter helplessness that isn't going to go away anytime soon.

All the more reason now to cross fingers and toes. Will you do it too?

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Wednesday, September 08, 2004


I received a message from a student of mine last night, that his father just collapsed and was taken away in an ambulance. His father's in intensive care right now.

How does a 17 year old deal with that? To make it worse, he's the only child and has to, in his own words, "remain strong for my mother". It's a heavy burden for a 17 year old to carry and I can only imagine the amount of fear he feels and is trying at the same time to hide.

I chanced upon his blog a while back and he talked about how much he didn't want to cry but felt, one night, that no matter how much he tried to, he just couldn't help it. His greatest fear then was that his mother might have felt that she had to be strong for him and couldn't show how worried she was and all he wanted was to be strong for her so that she could depend on him.

I have great respect for this kid. Even with all this going on, he doesn't fail to be polite and he doesn't fail to try to make others feel okay about things. Even when I SMS him to ask how he is doing, he tells me not to worry and that his father is fine. And it isn't even my father we're talking about. It's his. I keep feeling that I should try and do more for him because this kid is really in the danger of losing his dad and he's out there trying to make the world better for other people. I would like to be able to tell him that it's all right if he shows fear and he doesn't need to carry around this heavy burden of trying to make the world better. I would like to be able to tell him that it's okay for him to be self centred right now. But he won't even let me. So, all I can do is to pray that his dad gets better and gets the treatment he needs.

It's such a strange world that I move around in. Day after day, I hear kids complain about their lot in life- that they hate their parents because their parents don't understand them, that life sucks because they really don't want to be in college but have to be there because their parents want them there (hence, the hating of the parents). They bitch about how their classmates backstab them, or how someone they like likes someone else. And right about now, about 13000 kids are shitting in their pants about how half the holidays have gone by and they haven't started studying for their exams yet. And then, there's the perennial bunch of students who feel that Murphy is after them and all hell is breaking loose and for them the shit has hit the fan. These are the kids that seem to be facing all of the above and then out of sheer carelessness or naive trust that no one would take their very expensive (save the uniform) things that they leave so temptingly on the canteen table, bench, library desks, in the cubby holes outside the library and lose their phone, wallet, MP3 player, pencil case, school bag, lap top, uniform, the little quilted heart someone special gave them a while back. Throw in perhaps a breakup with a boy slash girl friend and the cocktail is just about right for them to feel like they're screaming on top of their voices and no one's hearing/listening/understanding all the angst and trauma they're going through. So, by some great causal leap, resort to making themselves feel better by basically, slashing themselves.

I did a whole lot of stupid things when I was 17 and I still cringe and blush when I think about them now. I don't see why I would need a permanent reminder of that foolishness, however faint on various parts of my anatomy. Another boy, also about 17, asked me a few days ago why girls he knew kept cutting themselves up. He asked me what the attraction was, hoping that since I was once a 17 year old myself, I could shed some light on the subject for him. I told him I didn't know, that I could only guess that these people feel so helpless about the situations they put themselves in that they want to feel something other than the guilt, frustration, desperation and anger toward themselves, their parents, their friends, their teachers and basically, the world at large.

So, I think about it. On the one hand, I have a kid who is trying so valiantly to keep his head above the water and keeping everyone from drowning, not knowing that all that weight might cause him to go under himself and on the other hand, there are these other kids out there, the total antithesis of him, thinking only about them and their little worlds that no one else matters if these others don't pay homage to their adolescent temper tantrums, whims and fancies. These are the same kids never figure out how to handle their problems. At the slightest provocation, they whip up their [t]rusty penknife and start slashing away. After that, they go out there either by themselves or with their parents who are so desperate also to regain some normalcy with their infathomable adolescent that they replace the lost items with even more expensive ones.

Newsflash, Parents! If a kid can't look after a pet goldfish and kills it, you don't go out there and buy him a Siberain husky. You buy the kid a Tamagotchi like pet and let him kill and resuscitate it to his heart's content. My friend's daughter, in primary one, lost her wallet twice within the first month in school. So, instead of buying her a new one, my friend put her daily allowance into a plastic bag and made her carry the plastic bag to school as a wallet. Only when she proved that she could look after the plastic bag for an extended period of time did he buy her a new wallet. She hasn't lost her wallet since although last I heard, she did lose a skipping rope but that's another story for another time.

Anyway, my point is why indulge on a kid that hasn't shown any responsibility previously? The problem is, it is done, more often than not, for the greater peace in the house, but what lesson does the kid end up with? "That it doesn't matter?" " That even if I lost my ______________(fill in relevant lost item), I'd get it replaced even if I have to bear with the nagging and the berating for a week and normal programming will resume after the parents have cooled down?"

I think about all this and I feel sad and I feel fearful that I can't do enough, that one kid out of an entire bunch will care and the rest will lead the "ME, MYSELF and I" generation that doesn't know how to think outside the "ME" shaped box that they have made for themselves. I console myself with the thought that perhaps, others thought the same of my generation and I do know of some people who are altruistic and considerate enough to realise that that there shouldn't be a box you keep yourself holed up in and there is space for other people in the world out there.

My fingers and my toes are all crossed in this fervent hope.

*Disclaimer: This was not meant as a personal attack on anyone, but just a general, disturbing but general observation about the people I teach.

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Monday, September 06, 2004

Growl, Mutter, Growl Growl.

For some reason, my computer has refused to let me post, at all. Dan's computer is fine. So's the one in school. Just not mine a metre away from where I'm posting now. How annoying is that, especially since it's holiday week and I'm not going to be in school and Dan's computer, well, it's Dan's mistress of sorts and it isn't really available for me to use most of the time.

So, I contemplated switching back to LJ for a bit, but LJ won't let me post there too. I'm a pariah of sorts on my own computer!


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Friday, September 03, 2004


This just came over SMS

Mom: Trying 2 send U a messer how's this?
Me: You very free ah? Not bad for a first try. Keep at it!
Mom: New toy!
Me: You go girl!
Mom: You also free ah?
Me: No, marking. But mommy ka cho* me!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, my mother has discovered the world of SMS! All the world cower and shudder!

* Ka Cho- dialect for disturb and pester.
**Apparently, ka cho is not dialect but malay according to Mr Brown but according to my sms-ing mom, ka cho is straits malay, spoken by the Peranakans who campur-ed (mixed) their dialects and malay together. She also said that the true Peranakan pronounced it as ka cho and the cheena derivative of it was kah chiau which allowed the atas (snooty) Peranakan to tell a true straits Malay from a poseur one. Whatever. :)

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Holiday Blues

I've been hit by the holiday bug. Today's the last day of school and everyone's going somewhere near and I'm very tempted as well. It's prudence vs. the tremendous urge to NOT do anything and lie by the beach and bake. The latter usually wins, but because I'm fighting it so hard this time, I'm downright miserable. My conscience and more practical, tight-fisted side is making me miserable. That's probably why I don't listen to it often.

What I'm toying with.
  1. The Andaman
  2. Some other Langkawi resorts
  3. The Marriott in Singapore on my credit card
  4. Basically, anywhere but here.

The colleague in front of me is off to Lombok, in Malaysia. Another is off to Sabah and another Bintan. One is venturing further and is off to Perth which I am deathly jealous of. Bugger.

I shall go back and mark. *mutter*

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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Stanley Park

Stanley Park
Originally uploaded by thelanguishingcat.
I've been wanting to put this picture up for a really long time, well, for the last week anyway and I haven't been able to because my blogger page is all weird.

So, here it is now.

Isn't it just so peaceful? What I would give to see a little mountain and breathe a little fresh air now.

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Teachers' Day

I have been duly informed by Tym that what I have taught my kids about apostrophes are wrong. I have been duped all this time by various language teachers along the way. So, in an effort to try to regain the equilibrium in my syntactic/punctuation world, I actually pulled out Dan's Cobuild's Grammar for Beginners book and looked up possession only to learn that Mrs Teo of Primary 2 English, Ms Chan of Sec 1 English, Mrs Roberts of Sec 3 and 4 English and Mrs Foster of JC GP had all got it wrong! That even if your name ended with 's' like James, to denote that the stupid book belonged to you, you had to apostrophe-s his name. So now, because I am humble enough to admit that I was wrong, I will go into class Monday morning and re-explain apostrophes that denote possession and leave them even more confused when I add on that ONLY Biblical names like Jesus and Moses and whomever else in the Bible has a name ending with 's' will have the apostrophe minus the 's' to denote his disciples or his staff or tablet.


Adding on...2 days later...after the mangoes were consumed...
The mangoes had worms in it and when I announced it to the class that gave it to me, they told me it was time to switch to Banana Republic and I could expect a bunch of bananas next year. I told them it was one more reason why I shouldn't follow them up! But they win on humour.

In class a few days back, I had to explain how to use apostrophes especially with plural nouns. I had had students who had basically adulterated the name Malthus (some guy who had lots to say about population growth a really long time ago). So, when they were writing about his theory, they wrote
Malthus's theory
Malthu's theory and bless the hearts of those who actually managed to get it right and wrote Malthus' theory.

Because my class had grammar the standard of primary school, I had to teach them apostrophes with Teachers' Day, Children's Day and the difference between the two. And it was timely too since it was Teachers' Day yesterday.

The funniest gift I got, 2 mangoes, in a MANGO plastic bag with a note that said, they knew I liked Mango clothes but since they were poor students, they couldn't buy me something from there and here were two mangoes! The irony was that, they were the really big expensive mangoes which would have cost more than a $13 t-shirt at MANGO. But it was sweet and I laughed very very hard when they presented it to me in all earnestness.

The worst gift I got, the absence of 3/4 of my class who probably felt more allegiance to their secondary schools where they spent four years of their lives. The 5 that did show up were then punished by an off key rendition of "Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I'm going to eat some worms". I can't say that I'm not disappointed that they didn't care enough to show up, especially when former students, even one who has gone back to Thailand sent greetings. It's not so much that I want gifts, but it belies this attitude of we owe them the world and they don't owe us anything and the self-centredness of that attitude is very disturbing.

And I'm back today, with a very sore ankle that I should prop up. But since it's my last teaching day of the term and I really don't want to drag their Malthus comprehensions on any further, I dragged the foot to school. It didn't feel so bad on Tuesday when I did miss the step and crumbled hard on my ankle. Yesterday, it started feeling sore and today I can't rotate it at all. Bugger. And it wasn't even a dance accident.

"Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I'm going to eat some worms"...

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" Far in the stillness, a cat languishes loudly"