Monday, August 30, 2004

Of Body fat and Antioxidants

It's been a weekend of health tests, well, kind of anyway.

On Saturday, YM and I found a funky weighing machine that would measure your body fat density. This is not to be confused with the Body Mass Index (BMI) which is the local way of calculating how fat you are- weight in kg/ sq of height in metres. The BMI is highly inaccurate because it doesn't take into consideration muscle being heavier than fat, so people with high muscle tone and density end up with high BMIs. It was a lot of fun with being able to key in your height and your age and gender and it magically calculates how much fat your body actually has. I remember how skinny people in college used to be really upset that their fat densities were really high. These are the people that like the BMI better.

Then yesterday, my sister in law did an antioxidant measurement test on all of us. Apparently for someone who only takes folate and no other multi vitamin thingy, I've got a really high level of antioxidants in my body. Dan and Mark seem to be in the region of people who eat about a leaf of veg a day. My other brother had a really high reading but then again, he spends a huge amount of money on multivitamins every month.

So, I'm low fat and high in anti oxidant levels. All that fruit in the morning really does help, although I swear the papaya is making my hands turn orange from all the carotein and my mother keeps being ominous about how my liver cannot process so much carotein. Apparently, as an infant, she fed me so much carrot porridge my liver went on strike and turned green. Hee.

Now, the question is whether to buy the weighing machine. I also want to buy the steamer and some water jugs. Strange, I've never hankered to do domestic shopping before. Something's wrong with me!

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Friday, August 27, 2004

Junked Food

Two nights ago, we went to see my brother at Singapore General Hospital. The poor man was in for yet another surgery. Anyway, on our way out, way past visiting hours, we walked past Polar Cafe, that sells nice flaky pies and their pies were going at 4 for $5. So we bought a box full, fully intending to take it into school the next days. That was Tuesday night. Last night, I open the microwave and find the pink plastic bag in there with the box of pies, yet untouched.

The pies being curried and potato filled, were very very rancid. I tried to convince myself they were and took a bite out of it. It was beyond foul. The curry was so bad, it was bitter and metallic so it all got dumped. What a big waste.

I hate wasting food and I was very upset that I had to junk the pies. It's not so much the "think of all the starving Africans" conscience, more the it was $5 and I could really have had a nice dinner with that $5. It's like dumping $5 into the bin.

Having said that, Dan and I found this new Brazillian place akin to Brazil that serves all their meats on skewers. We're trying to figure out when we would have time to actually go there for a nice dinner. It's much smaller than the one at Sixth Avenue, but it's worth a try. Mmmmmmm, meat....

Crap, now I'm hungry and all I have are cheese sandwiches.

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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Left on the Shelf

Strange. I just realised that there was this book on my shelf entitled "Awaken the Genius in Your Child". It isn't mine and I really have no idea how it got there. I know how things magically disappear from desks, like pens, clips, the occasional pair of spectacles, but nothing has magically appeared on my table before. Well, once, a box of chocolates, but I was away at that time so I didn't have to sit around and puzzle over where it mysteriously materialized from.


It did get me thinking what I would do if I had such a book. The conclusion- gather dust with the other unread books by my bed. Books I have full intention of reading but haven't had the time. Come to think of it, such a book would probably get end up being at the bottom of my pile.

I would really like to start reading. My friend and former lab mate just sent me ten articles about bilingualism that adds to my list of things to read. But who has the time. I'm scheming to try and get away from everything for a few days in September but I don't know if Dan can get away. The rest of the time will be devoted to marking. Sigh. Even my off-in-lieu day was going to be taken so that I could mark.

Anyway, books that I would like to read by the end of this year.
  1. Misconceptions
  2. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night
  3. Plan of Attack
  4. The Language Instinct
  5. Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight

And all the articles that I obediently printed off. Maybe exam invigilation won't be such a bad thing.

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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Chicken Hearts

---Beware. Angry, long, incoherent, at times stream of consciousness rant below. Enter at your own risk. ---

You gotta give it to them. Them?

Them yellow bellied, chicken hearted, flea hearted gutless wonders that we call our leaders.

Tonight was the Prime Minister's National Day Rally Speech. Some of us had to watch it because of work, some watched it because their General paper tutors demanded that they do so and some watched it out of pure self interest to see how the government was going to serve them this coming year- and they ARE supposed to serve the people, by the way, that's why you call it the public service.

I watched it because I wanted to know about the potential 5 day work week and the upping of maternity leave. To find out about that, I had to sit through the speech first in Malay, and then in Chinese then finally in English and an extremely long exposition about his recent trip to Taiwan and the ruckus it caused with China.

So I wait patiently and in pain because the recently accident proned me managed to stub my toe on the staircase and it was bleeding profusely and throbbing like a migraine in a big toe.

And it was nothing for all that labour.

Instead of the up to six months leave that was promised earlier in the year and the civil service rumours of at least 4 paid months of maternity leave, we get 3 months of it, with an additional two weeks of child care leave till the child is 7.

So, that's 2 days child care leave a year for 7 years. Seriously, how many kids get sick ONLY 2 days a year? And when they do get sick, how long are they sick for? Chicken pox, mumps, the measles all last about 2 weeks and the first few days are a total horror from what I recall from my own experiences. A colleague of mine was away for 4 days because her son had 40 degree fevers and when she came back, the poor lady looked like she was about to collapse out of exhaustion. So, is 2 days really enough to nurse a sick child back to health and to give yourself some rest before going back to work? Or does the employer really not care when you get the rest as long as you're back and can function at a basic, answer the phone, in my case go to class and set work level?

This really pisses me off.

And then there's the maternity leave. Ok, I'm grateful they upped it a month, but when there's so much literature out there about breastfeeding your baby for at least 6 months, how does one justify 3 months? Are they going to make provisions for nursing back in the office? Most likely not, because your colleagues will more likely than not, flip, if you were carrying a breast pump around. Worse if you actually brought the child to school just so that you could feed it on demand. So how? And breast milk production is indirectly related to stress levels. The more stressed you are, the less milk you're likely to produce. And that's what will happen. The baby's resistance, thenwill be lowered because formula doesn't protect against viruses as well as breast milk does. The outcome? We'll have to start utilising our precious 2 days or child care leave even earlier than expected because the poor baby's ill, has so much snot up its nose, it's turning blue trying to breathe and you're running round, exhausted, like a headless chicken, trying to keep up with emails while constantly keeping an eye on junior with the temperature that is sky rocketing-possibly due to the stress that you are feeling and transferring onto the poor sick child.

I understand that from an employer's viewpoint, extended maternity leave is a logistical nightmare and we really might not have enough manpower, or womanpower for that matter in the female dominated industries. But there has to be a clear picture of what they want as priority.

Babies or the economy? You really can't have both.

And it's time you stood up there and made a choice, you pieces of chicken hearted cowards. You screwed us over with big hearted promises with an inability to follow through and when our sportspeople fail to follow through on YOUR expectations of them, you blame them when it is YOU that has inflated everyone's hopes. You're the ones that hyped it up, hyped us up and then used a pin and pricked it, making it harder for us, because we believed what you said, because it was you that got our hopes up in the first place.

So, the final questions is who's screwing who? (or should it be whom?)


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In Hot Soup

I have an angry red welt on my leg now. We made beef soup for dinner last night since there was a dearth of chicken in the supermarket (-damn those sneezy fowl). Forgetting that I really didn't have a magic porridge pot, I was stirring in more veg and slice meat than the pot could physically accomodate. As a result of that, some boiling hot soup splashed onto my leg causing me to yowl in extreme pain.

And that extreme pain did not go away. It just grew more extreme. Ice made it smart more-there's something about something so cold that it adds heat to the burn. Dan suggested yoghurt, but I didn't want to waste the yoghurt. By the time we decided on toothpaste, there were near tears in my eyes.

The toothpaste helped but it still hurts this morning and there are really burn marks on my leg. Ow ow ow.

Lesson learnt.

Do not cook soup in shorts.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Get Inch Take Foot

On Monday, one of my classes rang to tell me that there would be no class with them because they had to do their Napfa test. Then they ring me to tell me they got the date wrong and do they still need to go to class- to that, I answered in the affirmative. Then they ring me back and say that their other teacher is letting them off and could they please be let off. I hesitate, but with the migraine I was having, I agreed on the condition that they do a make up.

Today, they come into class ill prepared for the work they are going to do. Some had no books, the rep had forgotten to pick up key materials for today's lesson and all had the "I really DO NOT want to be here" look which I am familiar with because first thing Wednesday morning, what I'd really like to be doing is having breakfast instead of having to face 25 kids who would rather be elsewhere.

But I am there and I'm annoyed with their lackadaisical attitude about everything and I show it, by telling them their attitude is in a serious need for a makeover and they go "Extreme makeover?" Argh. Can you say Kuai Lan in so many other ways?

Well, I'm humphy about it because I was being kind to them on Monday and they've basically demanded that I continue to be nice to them but on top of that, NICER than I have been.

So, I go around raking my brain for this idiom I learnt in primary school Chinese class, about how when someone gives you a little bit of slack, you demand for a whole bag full- basically, being ungrateful all demanding little brats.

I finally dig it out of the crevice deeply hidden in a far flung corner of my cerebral cortex that has a sign hanging precariously off a hinge that has written in the dust of the last 12 years...CHINESE LEXICON ...

And here it is....

GET INCH TAKE FOOT or RULER which ever version you prefer.

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Monday, August 16, 2004

The Price of Fame

I'm at my mom's having the last of the NZ beef and my bro pops by to pick up his kids- he's been on leave because he had a mother of a molar yanked out of his gums yesterday, not fun. Anyway, he said he had lunch with an old friend from college. Incidentally, he adds, this old friend knows that I had recently got into an accident and replaced the old Merc with a spiffier Ford Focus.

Puzzled my brother is. As am I. Until puzzled Bro complains that his friend spoke in SMS speak and mentioned something about a Mr Brown and a blog.


The sound of the lightbulb in my head.

My brother's friend, some 9 years older than I am, who I only see at parties at my Bro's reads my blog all because I got mentioned on the Mr B website. It's really too small a little world we live in. I sort of figured that getting mentioned on Mr B was how the number of hits jumped and hit K2 on two separate occasions. But I really didn't expect someone who knew my brother to read my stuff.

Anyhow, Hello Leslie! You forgot to come to my wedding! Hee...:)

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18 again

Walking round the school just now, I was overcome with the overwhelming urge to be 18 again. I don't know why. They don't have it fun, especially with the prelim exams round the corner but all of a sudden, I'm sick of being 28. It's probably a passing thing, but all of a sudden, having a world that revolves around buying stationery, scrunchies from Evita Peroni and sitting in the canteen for long periods of time doing nothing but just chatting seems very appealing.

Did I know at 18 that ten years down the road, I was going to feel this way? Did I know at 18 that I would go to uni for like 6 years, that I would spend years overseas that would forever make me feel that there was much more to the world than our 672 sq km island, that I would be frustrated by the little things in life? Probably not.

At 18, I dreamed of a life in the foreign service, of exciting countries and adventures. I didn't dream of being held hostage by my job and my obligations. I didn't dream of falling asleep at the computer while trying to retype the essays for my kids and being pissed off with the whole world.

But then again, what did I know at 18? Nothing.

What do I know now?

I know now we all wake up from our dreams.

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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Blues Brothers

The one thing about marriage that no one ever told you is that it really sucks when both you and your spouse are in foul moods over separate issues, but foul moods nonetheless. It really sucks when you need someone to pick you up, but the only thing that other person really does is drive that depression further and deeper within you.

So what happens? Both of you strive to be the more miserable of the two, in the hope that one of you will have a change of heart and turn around and comfort the other. In the circumstance that both refuse to budge, well, the advice is you stay away from said house with an ten mile pole.

It's Sunday night again. Tomorrow, I'm getting up early once again to catch the train into work. One would think I'd be used to it by now, but a long commute's a long commute and it gives you plenty of time to not only read and stone out, but also lots of time to lament the not being in bed till later fact. The latter lamenting often results in me grumping at everyone first period. Thank goodness for a relatively later start tomorrow morning.

This pall better lift soon. It really sucks to feel so yuck about so many things and not knowing which one pisses you off most or makes you most like flinging something through a glass window, just so that when it shatters, for a split second or so before the Oh Shit sets in, there is a sense of catharsis and relative peace that washes over you.

Unfortunately, I am now deeply in debt and I don't think I'm going to be able to afford replacing the window pane so no Horlicks can to be flung with full force at untempered glass windows. Bummer.

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Friday, August 13, 2004


For the past few mornings, I've been taking the train to school. This means, apart from having to wake up at such an ungodly hour, I have to walk through this pathway by the canal. It's usually quite nice and quiet but yesterday I heard this familiar jingle of metal that causes me to involuntarily freeze.

It's not like it's the sign that a serial rapist is round the corner. It's more the sound of a metal collar on a dog. I must first state that I like dogs. I've had dogs most of my life and am pretty much fine with them. It's just the odd few that send this shiver down me and make me feel like I need to swallow a scream and resist the urge to run.

When I was four, a dog leapt up and bit me just above my right eye. All I remember of that incident was the dog leaping, me screaming and screaming and my dad rushing out to see what in the world was going on. Most of the time I'm fine about it but I realise as I get older, I seem to worry that more dogs are like that stray one that bit me.

So the last two mornings, seeing not just one dog, but a pack of them, all with that similar jingling collar has scared the beezeejus out of me. I walk past telling myself not to bolt and not to be scared. Thank goodness the dogs have been on both occasions too busy sniffing each others' butts to bother with me, but all the residual fear from that experience 24 years ago still seems to surface with the taste of bile into my mouth.

I wish they didn't bug me because I wrinkle my nose at people who shriek when they see dogs and I don't want to be one of them. I would still like to have a dog- a labrador or a golden retriever. I guess I just don't like dogs that are not mine and are well, "stranger" dogs.

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Thursday, August 12, 2004


My brother came to school yesterday to talk to our graduating students who were keen to pursue a career in medicine. In KW's words, he came to con them into a career with ungodly hours that is often unsatisfying and political. Then again, that describes any job out there. Heh.

Anyhow, the turn out was really good and I was happy for him. Was worried that he was going to actually just talk to two or three stragglers. What I was annoyed about was actually the notice that had been put up announcing that this talk was taking place.

It announced that MR Mark Ng was going to be giving a talk on medicine.

I know my bro couldn't care less that he wasn't addressed as DR Mark Ng, but I was about to throw a hissing fit at the guy who printed the notice. To me, the guy spent 6 years of his life training for the degree, the very least you could do is to confer him the respect he is due.

*mutter mutter*

Then again, I was told after that this same guy would never botch up Dr Vivian Balakrishnan's name nor Dr Tony Tan's because he loves being able to name drop. So, why the mistake? Because my bro's not big shot enough for him to care. Hmmm. One word. Poseur. Grrrr....

Strange how we're protective over our siblings even though he's much older than I am and can probably grind anyone he wanted into a fine fine pulp. I see it in Bruce as well. He'll hit and berate everyone that tells his little sister off. But at the same time, he'll give her a good thumping if she gets in his way. Ahhh... siblings.

Gotta love them.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The Stolen Generation

Dan and I spent the National Day weekend looking for a car. Our ol' Merc has come to the end of its days and we're not really keen on flogging a dead horse lest the dead horse turns around and bites us in the ass. So we spent the whole weekend at second hand car dealerships- a whole building full of sleeze.

Anyhow, we've walked away after days of staring at second hand cars with interiors of various qualities and smells, with a Ford Focus that shared the same birthday as me, three years ago. It's quite exciting to finally have a car that wasn't around when you got your first bra or had your first period. It's deep blue and is kinda zippy and still has that new car smell.
10112_169924Presenting the Ford Focus

originally uploaded by thelanguishingcat.

So, now, once again we're in debt. To my parents-in-law. I suspect they only agreed to help us because Dan threw them a bone and said that the car had a boot that could fit a baby seat and a pram.

I'm totally grateful for them helping us out. We save a whole lot on the interest. What totally blew me away was the realisation that so many of our generation wind up in debt with even knowing. We buy our flats, we buy cars because we need to get around and are downright spoilt, we take out renovation loans, study loans etc, without a second thought. Apparently, young adults who have graduated recently in Singapore rank among the highest in terms of the amount of money they owe the bank, their parents, the neighbourhood Ah Long San (read: loanshark), their friends etc. And it is a scary thought- that we are living perpetually on next month's paycheck.

I've also been told, the amount of debt we are in doesn't really hit us straight away. It hits you when you're in your mid thirties, with a spouse, two kids, a maid, a mortgage and a car to pay off. Throw in the odd brain tumour and you're all set- in debt for life and that's not something that happens to other people.

It makes me wonder how my parents in law did it. My parents- they have as little sense of money as I have for knitting so let's not bring them up here. But my in laws- that's a different story, they took the kids on long holidays every year, they had enough money saved up to send Dan overseas at 16. They live in a nice house and have a nice car and go on really nice holidays but THEY are not in debt. How did they do it?

Now, that's a question that's going to fester while I figure out how to pay for the expensive new toy we have acquired.

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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Iced Tea

I promised YM a while back that I would report the findings of my great ICED TEA commission and since I'm waiting on the glacial clay on my face to dry to a shade of aquamarine blue, I will use this time to divulge my findings.

Places explored.

  1. Seah St Deli- Raffles Hotel- Refillable Iced tea for $5. It's unsweetened so you add your own syrup. Quality seems to vary. There have been times when I've managed to create an insomniac out of myself by downing 5 glasses of it in one sitting and other times when the second glass is a struggle to get through but I would endeavour since I paid 5 bucks for it.
  2. Hard Rock Cafe- Also refillable, but I think it costs less. $3.80 I think but I might be wrong. Yummier than Seah St consistently. Not too over powering on the tea side but enough to remind you that you're drinking iced tea. They have an interesting variation that Dan likes. It's orange laced and has spices in it. Also refillable and very fragrant. Costs a little bit more than the regular iced tea but worth it if you're wanting to be adventurous.
  3. Blooies- Used to be refillable but no longer is and it's so home made, you're not certain if you're getting the same iced tea you ordered previously. Sometimes very yummy, sweet and refreshing, sometimes tastes like stale tea and other times, so strong it makes me jittery.
  4. McDonalds- Cheap! $2.45- $2.50 for a large one. They make their own tea and stick lemon slices in it. Once again, it varies from outlet to outlet depending on how they brew the tea, but generally a safe, cheap alternative. Only problem would be the ice in it would cause condensation on the outside of the cup and you gotta carry it around town. Ask for serviettes to wrap round the cup if you buy one of these.
  5. KFC- Same price as McDs but quality a little bit more consistent. Also, they use Nestea as a base so you get the same tea throughout. The added slices of lemon give it a nice taste and none of the bitter tanning agent and caffeine after taste you get from the McDs one. Only, if you're at Lido then buy the McD's one over the KFC one because the latter comes out of the fountain and you're basically paying for a HUGE Yeo's packet iced tea.
  6. Sakura at Far East- Iced tea that tastes like KFC's but fresher. Only not refillable and the cup's not very large so it doesn't wash down the food aftertastes of the at times MSG laden food a lot.
  7. Coffee shop at the corner of Commonwealth Ave West and Holland Ave- Home made iced tea from the drinks stall. Strong, sweet tea with lots of lemon in it. $1.20 a cup. I like it! I usually order 2 throughout the meal.

    -Addendum 4 April 2005-
  8. The Best Iced Tea is at Toast at Ngee Ann City. They blend the lemon with the tea so it's all ground in and frothy. Very yummy. Minimum consumption is 2 glasses. Bit more pricey though at $2.50 a glass I think, for something you can down in one go.

I don't usually like iced-tea from the can unless I can pour it into a cup, put ice in it to dilute it and drink it with a straw. Iced tea, in my opinion should only be drunk with a straw! Only right.

But alternative drinks that I go for. Ribena with lemon- one of the few useful things I learnt in Hong Kong. Preserved Prune juice with soda water and some preserved prunes- not something everyone likes but I like it! It's salty, sweet, sour and cold all at the same time. What more could a girl want! Occasionally Snapple just so that I learn a fun fact from the bottom of the cap, but not often because there are always cheaper alternatives and I feel so sorry for the hard glass bottle that doesn't get recylced in the "the environment is someone else's problem" Singapore.

So there. My drink list. I live on iced tea and other sweet beverages that Dan says is my weakness. Well, tough. A girl and her iced tea never parted bee...

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Friday, August 06, 2004

Smoke in My Hair

I hate smoke. I hate the smell of smoke. I hate smelling smoke. I hate my hair smelling of smoke. I hate the smoke smell in my hair so much, it kept me up.

Did I tell you how much I hate smoke?


We were at Shamus O' Donnells last night for its monthly trivia night.

We discovered that despite not knowing
  1. Provinces of Ireland
  2. Who was the runner up in the Tour De France
  3. How large the Indonesian Archipelago was East to West
  4. How many litres there were in a British Gallon
  5. Which European country was mediating the Sri Lankan conflict

and some other questions, we knew enough nonsense among the 7 of us to win! And win a bottle of Absolut Vodka we did!

So, now I'm sitting in school dressed in the colours of our national flag sans 5 stars and crescent moon all blurry eyed. Thank goodness they were merciful and kept the celebrations short enough for us to be fully occupied arguing the merits of the older national songs Stand Up, Singapore and Count on Me, Singapore over the newer more tuny ones like One Singapore, Singapore Town and Home. We liked the older ones because they were more catchy. Chances are we liked them more also because we were kids when they came about and we had fun belting them out. We also figured that our age was very telling by the songs that we knew. We told KW she was old because all she remembers is Chan Mali Chan, back in the days when national songs weren't even in English.

Well, we're off till Tuesday and I will be inundated with marking but I'm still fine with that because we have a wedding this weekend, a barbeque with much meat, a West Wing preview of Season 5 and possibly Farenheit 9/11. Yay!

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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Bubble Boy

So, I'm in class glad to have finally moved away from teaching about the environment. We're doing the UN report on the state of the population for 2003 and we're talking about adolescents- who number 1.2 billion of the 6 billion of us on the planet. I really didn't know that!

Anyway, we're talking about HIV since as highlighted by one of my kids, every 14 seconds, an adolescent in the world falls prey to HIV. Scary statistics. Then, one of them raises her hand and asks, very innocuously

" Why should we bother with it? It's not our problem so why should we help them solve it?"

It was at that moment when it crystallised how we have failed as an education system. We have failed to teach empahty and we have taught self-centredness and this girl was acing it without much effort.

Me feeling indignant did not even begin to express how I was feeling. I can't teach them to care can I? I can teach them what is out there but how the respond to it is beyond my control. I shouldn't even need to intervene in that aspect, they're old enough and I'm not about to brainwash them to think the way I do. It doesn't work that way. But then again when the response is the dismissal of the problem and a mere shrug of the shoulders, do we just stand by and let it happen?

I'm fine if I let kids graduate with less than perfect grades. I'm fine if they aren't destined for greatness. But I cannot in good consciousness allow my kids to enter the real world with paper bags over their heads living in their own little bubbles.

I'm going to lose sleep because these kids don't lose any sleep over these things.

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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The Plebian Way

The car's been in the shop since Friday and it's not going to be ready till earliest, tomorrow. So, in an attempt to actually save some money off exorbitant cab fares, I've resorted to taking the train to work. This means I wake up half an hour earlier and leave the house as Dan's alarm goes off.

This also means I get to do some reading on the train while waiting for a seat and when I do get a seat, some marking done. The passengers around me must have thought me loony when I cracked up after reading a student proclaim that the "the kings in China had 3000 CUBICLES!" YM's retort to that was to write in the margins "So that's how bureaucracies got started!". I refrained because the kid would be very confused as to why that comment was put down.

Anyhow, I end up in school an hour later, fully exhausted after having walked ten minutes to the train station, been on the train for 35 minutes and then wrestle with school kids for a spot on the bus and then wrestle with them to get off. I know this sounds whiny and petulant, but this is me- the one who has always been sent to school since kinder days all the way to uni days and to school when I was still living at home. Yes, transport wise, I've been a spoilt brat. I even complain because since I moved out, I've had to drive myself to school and dislike doing that as well.

So, now that I have to get myself around the plebian way, I'm tired and achy and ready to go home and crawl back into bed and kinda grumpy. But the day's only just started so there's a whole day ahead to get more grumpy. Yesterday, I was grumpy enough to tell off two girls on separate occasions who had insisted on using the very obviously marked staff washrooms to change out of their PE gear. The rationale" Got more space, what!" That illicited more of an evil look from me and a bark to respect signs and use their own bloody washrooms (not in so many words fortunately, or unfortunately)

So yes, daft kids of the world beware, sleepy, grumpy teacher on the prowl! Hee.

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" Far in the stillness, a cat languishes loudly"