Thursday, May 11, 2006

Drawing lines.

While I wait for Reader Requests, this was just too good to not blog about. Spook has already suggested that as a teacher, I should write a blog beginning with some sentence, very much a primary, secondary school composition thing.

I shall attempt to do the Spook thing but not with his question but something else that was brought to my attention this morning. And I imitate the form that it was presented to me in. Complete the following sentence, "Not all boundaries are drawn on maps..."

This is my answer.


Not all boundaries are drawn on maps. You just have to look at you and me. You, boy! Me, girl!. That is the most primal boundary that divides us. It is not just in physical appearance that girls are pretty and boys handsome but because boys can urinate standing up and girls cannot. We have many parts of us that are different and this is not a boundary that is drawn on a map.

Another boundary is the one drawn by religion. I have not seen a map drawn according to religion, but it is something that will divide us. I cannot eat lunch with my Malay friend because he cannot eat char siew and I like char siew. But then again, there are similiarities amongst us so maybe this boundary is not really a real one. All religion believe that if you do not belong to them, you will burn in hell. So, because we believe in our own type of religion we will all be in hell and hell will be overflowing. Maybe in hell, there will be boundaries too. Those there because they are not Christians. Those there because they are not Buddhists. Not Sai Baba. Not Hindu. Not Jew. And since hell is not on the map, it is not true that all boundaries that divide are drawn on the map.

People are also divided according to colour and even though the map has different colours for different continents, it doesn't show our own colour. My friend ask me before, "why is your skin black when mine is white?" That divides us because people have gone to war fighting over the colour of our skins.

So, in conclusion, boundaries that divide us are many and they do not appear all on the map.


The end.
A star.
Make what you will out of it.

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3 thoughts...

3 thoughts...

At 1:40 pm Blogger spook said...

Don't know to be happy or to be sad. I inspired such boundaryless imagination.

At 5:51 pm Blogger Terz said...

Though now it would appear an A1, A* or whatever is just about 66.1% but hey, people are happy about it.


At 7:34 pm Blogger threez said...

I tink hor, in hell everyone's chow tar and char-siew looking anyway so I doubt boundaries figure highly ...

However, A* and "others" now that's something to ponder.

PS Speaking of eating with Malay friends, my Malay friends have always been much more accommodating than my vegetarian acquaintances. My Malay friends don't give a toss if I'm eating a pork knuckle the size of my head but my veggie acquaintances have been known to go on about how they killed my pig, how they hacked off the knuckle etc... of course it only makes me more hungry and chow down while they sip on slivers of shredded spinach ...


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