Thursday, February 16, 2006

A taste of good medicine

I woke up twice last night to pee and thought that puzzling because I didn't have that much water to drink last night. And when I finally woke to go to school, my tummy hurt in a very strange way- as if I had held my pee in for so long that my body was punishing me for it. Usually when that happens, it goes away after a bit. But through the morning, it got more uncomfortable. By late morning, it was decided, I should see a doctor because perhaps I have UTI.

So I do. But because I've been drinking so much water, it's inconclusive if I have UTI , but I present the symptoms, so the need for antibiotics but I have an aversion to antibiotics- my body hates it more than it hates fat- so let's try to find an alternative.

The alternative- cranberry juice. Copious amounts of it.

Finally, a solution that I like. I like cranberries. I like cranberry juice. I approve of cranberry juice. Now if this weren't so uncomfortable, it'd be my favourite ailment.

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