Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hobbit food

I don't remember much from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy because unlike Tym and Packrat, I'm not a fan. I only went to see the movies because I was chalking up credits for chick flicks that I might want to see in the future. And because each movie was like 3 hours long, 1 LOtR movie was equivalent to two chick flicks. And that to me was a pretty good deal.

Anyway, what I do remember of it was the fact that the hobbits had many meals in a day. Breakfast, 2nd breakfast, Elevenses, Luncheon, Afternoon Tea, Supper supplemented with plenty of snacks in between. I remember thinking, these little people sure eat a whole lot.

On average, we eat 3 meals a day, sometimes with snacks in between. But for the last five days, the number of meals a day have increased and the portions have somewhat tripled.

On the eve of the eve of the eve of New Year, we had one yu sheng to toss for luck, a steamboat and with dessert from Menotti to follow. It was one meal, but more than I usually eat in a day.

On the eve of the eve of New Year, we had dumplings for lunch, yoghurt for snacks and a Japanese reunion dinner complete with crocodile herbal soup and deep fried frogs' legs and a yu sheng to toss for luck.

On the eve of the New Year, we made Dense Chocolate Cake in the day, so that was plenty of snack and steamboat again and roasted meat of beast with birds' nest to follow complete with the yu sheng to toss for luck. Disappointed was my mother-in-law when I announced that my mother had declared a moratorium on my eating cooling food. Apparently, the latest hypothesis is that I am too cool, not in the hip and happening way but in the yin-yang, there is imbalance in me, hence I suffer from being easily chilled- my hands turn blue from bathing in cold-ish water- way.

On the first day of the New Year, we had a Peranakan lunch at my Aunt's, lunch at Packrat's parents and dinner at another Aunt's with many hunks of meat, lasagne, pasta, chicken in all forms, fried, stewed, curried, chillied and boiled in soup. Not to forget the 3 yu shengs that we tossed for luck.

On the Second day of the New Year, we had yoghurt and cereal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, yoghurt and chocolate for tea and a steam boat dinner with thankfully, some veg, but more meat, this time including venison and to top it off, a barbeque dinner with rib-eye steaks, Sri Lankan Crab put on the grill and grilled tulang. For those who are unclear of what tulang is, it's an artery choking dish of marrow and fat. How much fat, we were blissfully unaware of until some of the tulang caught fire because the heat had caused the fat to melt into liquid fuel. The way to eat the tulang was to dig out the marrow and smear it onto toast, eating it with pepper and salt. It apparently tastes divine but be warned, it oozes out of your pores after and you smell of meat of cow after. And it is NOT a pleasant smell. So second dinner led straight into the evening Elevenses with remaining Krispy Kreme doughnuts. And like every other meal we've had this festive season, there was yu sheng to toss for luck.

Today, I think we will skip lunch as we are going to another barbeque where the hostess ordered 5 kg of sirloin steak. And possibly, there will be yu sheng to toss for luck.

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At 10:40 pm Blogger ~Chasing My Dreams~ said...

ms ng, try to eat more fried foods. it will make you become HOT from COLD =)


jun xian (chun hsien)


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