Monday, January 16, 2006


People who know me well enough know I'm psychologically lactose intolerant. That means, I don't drink milk, eat butter, margarine. I'm not a dairy person. I have recently acceded to eating cheese, but only low fat cheese and yoghurt, low fat yoghurt. All because I fear osteoporosis and all these other degenerative illnesses that could end up dogging my later years.

I don't know where I developed an aversion for most things dairy. Packrat's theory is because dairy is fatty and I am generally not fond of fat stuff regardless of how yummy. But I don't think so. The aversion started much earlier on. I remember this scary dental nurse in my primary school who demanded that I drink milk. And I said I didn't. The look she gave me was enough to make me wet my pants. And she brashly suggested an alternative- soy milk, to which my response was automatic disdain that incurred her wrath further. So, I didn't drink milk since primary school. Way before the idea of being fat crossed my mind. I looked rather waif like at that point as Olie would well be able to testify to. Perhaps it had to do with this awful flavours of milk they tried to unload on us. Banana? Strawberry? Vanilla? I think I only liked the chocolate variety. And it had to be in the tetra pack that came with a straw- the brand eludes me. The other one, that you had to tear open, not so nice.

Anyway, it was this tolerance to chocolate milk at that time that prompted me to embark on this milk experiment. Packrat has been raving about Australian Milo which is conceivably different from local Milo. The difference apparently is the palm oil that is used in local Malaysian made Milo. So last week, while I was at NTUC, I chanced upon the Australian recipe Milo which meant, it was made here but contained no extract of palm. I was about to pick it up when I actually found authentic made in Australia low GI Milo. So knowing for certain it would make Packrat's day, I bought it.

And since I bought it, plus it was low GI and I always get hungry easily, I was tempted to try it. But according to Packrat, Milo mixed with water was an inferior product even if it was Australian Milo. He suggested Milo with milk, to which I enquired, rather snarkily, when had he ever seen me drink milk voluntarily? So, he suggested Milo with chocolate milk. I like chocolate, I've drunk chocolate milk before and I don't recall it making me throw up. Of course, being me, I tried the low fat variety of the chocolate milk and was rather thrilled by this milestone in my life. Beverage with milk! Voluntarily!

I made it some nights ago and it didn't taste sweet. Neither did it taste chocolatey. Where was this rumoured high you could get from Milo and choc milk? There was no high. Just a very weird aftertaste in my mouth. I tried to sweeten it with honey and it smelt good but still, I didn't think very highly of it. I was not impressed so I fobbed the rest off to Packrat. I am fobbing off the rest of the little packet of HL chocolate milk as well.

And I concede failure. My attempt at trying to increase my calcium intake was in vain. I will stick to yoghurt in the morning and cheese sandwiches for my recommeded Daily doses of calcium. And when it's cold, I shall not turn to a hot drink to warm me up and make me all toasty from the inside. I shall just put on a jacket and hope my hands don't turn too blue.

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5 thoughts...

At 10:11 am Blogger ghoti said...

yuck, i hate milk too. the thought of milk is enough to make me feel nauseous. the only flavoured milk i'm willing to drink is the Dutch Lady variety. the chocolate milk has high enough chocolate content that you will barely notice it's milk!

milo with 6 hefty spoons of hot water is good too. but you are aware that there are other sources of calcium besides dairy products, eh? green, leafy vegetables etc are also sources of calcium, maybe just not as packed as milk... but it's still a start! good luck.

At 10:28 am Blogger Tym said...

Hello, I've seen you eat ice cream!!

Milo just tastes good, palm oil and all :)

At 2:53 pm Blogger Aud said...

hey if you really want to increase your intake of calcium what about calcium supplements? I've read somewhere that the body's ability to extract calcium from milk lessens as we age so taking supplements seems to be the best way to really boost your bod's calcium reserves.
oh well just a thought.
cheers! =)

At 3:34 pm Blogger Ondine said...

Tym,if you've noticed, I eat gelato more than ice cream and I stay very far away from Ben and Jerry's, Haagen Daz, Anderson's etc!

Ghoti and Aud,
Thanks for your suggestions. I think I do get enough calcium but it never hurts to get more. =) Calcium pills make you constipate!

At 2:42 pm Blogger tscd said...

Doesn't gelato have dairy in it? It's not milk-free or made with water, I don't think.

Ay, you know Chinese women have the worst bone density in the world because our poor calcium intake. You might think of taking calcium supplements. Otherwise you'll turn into one of them dried shrimp-ladies you see in Chinatown buying jade.


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