Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Rain Rain

Thwarted once again, by the rain.

I ran last week for the first time in 3 months. My toes blistered. My ankles hurt. My knees buckled. My hips strained. My butt cramped. All in all, pain. So, I decided that I had better run again soon.

Packrat was supposed to play ball today so I decided I would go running. But through the day, the weather was just a tease. Everytime, I walked into class, it poured, perhaps mirroring my mood and reluctance at starting off the academic year with loooooong two hour sessions. Everytime I walked out of class, it cleared ever so slightly, giving me enough hope that I might be able to sneak a run down by the beach. The beach, after big rain, is always peaceful. Perhaps, it is the lack of people. Perhaps it is the trees washed clean by the rain. Perhaps it is the calm on the water. I don't know. But it is nice. And I looked forward to that. It's been awhile.

After my last class, I attempt to do a Wonder Woman changeabout into my running clothes but am delayed by a strange phonecall worthy of another post. By the time I clear that and walk out, the heavens have decided that it's taken too long for me to get out and could not keep the rain back any longer. So I missed my window to a tranquil sea side run.

The weather mocks me, mercilessly. I decide to brave the city without an umbrella tonight and when we step out of the cinema after an extremely long road trip with Mr Pixie Ears himself (Elvan, but pixie sounds funnier) Orlando Bloom, right after I've looked up at the sky and nod approvingly at the lack of rain, a nice big raindrop lands on my nose. And when Tym insists I take her umbrella even though I have martyredly resigned myself to the weather, it laughs in my face once again and makes me think all the rain is my imagination run amok.

I am home now. Dry.
Tomorrow, Round 3.
Let's see who blinks first.

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