Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Half Pipe

Yesterday was one of those days where it was so hot that all one could to was hop from mall to mall in the vain attempt to keep cool. So, we saw Prime at the new cinema in the city. And it was way cool. The most surreal cinematic experience I've ever come across. Better than the GV Goldclass. This cinema could only house 42 people and the tickets cost the same as the regular ones. And there were no seats because.....

You sat on beanbags!

Bean Bag Cinema

First, the usher comes in with you and asks you to pick your beanbag. Then he fluffs it with all his might and it puffs up to hip level. Then you're left to climb and sink into it, where you will remain for the entire movie duration.
Bean Bag Cinema

It was like being at home in your own cinema on your own bean bag. With THX surround sound but hey, if you're dreaming, why have anything less? Of course, for me, it was the perfect place to fall asleep. So I missed the bit where Meryl Streep puts two and two together and figures out her patient is seeing her son. Oh well. The only problem with these bean bag seats would be when inconsiderate patrons spilt drink/pop corn and other gross things on it. Or people had smelly feet. That's why we decided now was a good time to go see what it was about. Whilst it was new.

And it really was an out of this world experience. The only thing was pop corn was AUD$7.50 and it was salty popcorn. So I had none. Maybe that's why I fell asleep. There was nothing to munch on.

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1 thoughts...

At 12:03 am Blogger Olie said...

Cool! I'd love to sit in one of those bean bags! But that price for popcorn?!? That's daylight robbery!


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