Friday, December 16, 2005


After coming home from the Lion King, which was absolutely breathtaking and awesome, and while waiting for Packrat to finish with the bathroom, I wonder across to Tomorrow and discover news that has caused cries of anguish to echo and resound through the empty streets of Melbourne, all the way back to Singapore, into Orchard Road.

Mango went on sale.

And I wasn't there for it. I'm sure many are rolling their eyes as they read this but too bad! One does not mess with tradition. And tradition since 1999 has it that I am in line at the one of the town outlets, first thing in the morning, even before breakfast. Most times, I'm done before the rest of the shops in the city begin their day.

But it's more than that. There is a strange sense of nostalgia in all that madness and chaos and the mountains of clothes. It was there that I discovered my ability to try clothes in the open and without taking off the clothes that I originally had on. It was also there where I discovered that Packrat was the one for me. He'd stood in line for the cashier for more than an hour while I trawled for good buys one sale and then at another sale, he found himself a seat and parked himself there with my PDA and played Text Twist while I periodically came round to deposit my treasured finds. And despite the cerebral challenge that he was facing during hours that usually find him asleep, he guarded my spoils like a rabid pitbull would his maggot ridden bone.

So I'm sad, that I'm not there. It's a little bit like missing my anniversary. But I'm just being silly. Tomorrow, I'll go shopping in the children's section at Target. I have come to realise that I don't fit into any of the adult sizes available here. And on top of that, the unfavourable exchange rate doesn't bug me as much when I shop in the children's department.

For now, I shall forget about Mango till I get back till Singapore.

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