Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Travelling In Style

So here I am, at half four in the morning with two hours to kill before my flight to Melbourne. And this time, we're doing it in style. Starting with the limo that came to pick us up from the airport an hour ago. Then there was the speedy check in with wonderfully polite counter staff. It helped also that at this hour in the airport, there really isn't very much of a crowd around to harrass anyone and make said counter staff snarky, grumpy and everything else Singapore Service Industry staff are infamous for.

Right now, I'm lounging in the Plaza Premeir Lounge where there are plush seats, a salad and snack bar, shower facilities and all the sugared beverages that you could dream of. They even have those delightful, childhood biscuits with the coloured sugar frosting twirled on the top. I saw a gym on the way in, but apparently, my period of sedentary-ness has been extended for yet another month. No more 46 beats per minute pulse or 16% body fat. There always is walking to consider but why would someone walk if there is the natural God-given ability to run.

I'm very sleep deprived now. The day started out early with the maid coming over to give the house a good once over before we close it up and leave it locked up. My mother is part of the maid package since she sends the maid. So, Mom and I went out for breakfast. Last week, we ended up at the market and yesterday, she loudly announced she did not want fish ball type food for breakfast. Instead, she wanted bread and tea and jam. I decided Simply Bread would be a nice breakfast place and 2 slices of cinnamon toast and a sticky bun later, my mother agreed. If the day stopped there, I wouldn't be in such a daze now.

There was packing to be done in between, lunch to be had and videos to be returned before yet another doctor's appointment before more errands involving a sharp pair of scissors and hair. I also decided that since it was my last day to see Cat pregnant (Bump was supposed to have obliged and be out by now...), I would squeeze in some time to see her before heading off to dinner - which deserves a blog post of its own, but will only be done when the pictures get uploaded. After dinner was the last goodbyes to the parents before it was more packing and the clearing out of the fridge of the remaining edible and therefore also, able to go rotten fast food.

And now we are here. Blurry eyed and dazed but powered by the chicken pie from the buffet counter. That's catching. Ondine- powered by Polar pies. Incidentally, my mother seems to be slated to visit the Polar Puff factory next week. Saying I feel left out and I wish I were going is truly just laugable. So I won't.

Ok, really falling asleep now. Will attempt to blog when I get to Melbourne. It'll especially help if I have my senses about me.

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At 2:13 pm Blogger mintz said...

Hi! Haha this comment has nothing to do with your most recent post. I chanced on your blog and I think it's really interesting. I'm a jc student in Singapore, and I'm curious to know which school you're teaching in. Is it alright for you to tell me? Haha. I really liked your blog and I've added it to my favourites! :D You write really well, at least better than me. I could improve my English reading your blog! Haha, then maybe I can do better in GP then. You seem like a really interesting person to me from reading your blog entries, and I would like to know more about you! Haha. Maybe we could be cyber friends? =D Hehe.


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