Sunday, November 27, 2005

Seven on Sunday

When you have relatively low-tech brother, claim in exasperation that he needs a PDA to organise his days, you know he's really busy. The other way you know he's really busy is when the only time he can meet you before you leave for your month long holiday, is at 7 in the morning on a Sunday. Much like C.J Cregg in the pilot of the West Wing.

You can have a normal life. You'd be amazed at how normal I can be. See, it's all

about budgeting your time. This time, this hour, this is my time. Five a.m. to six

a.m. I can workout, as you see. I can think about personal matters. I can meet an

interesting man. [Her beeper goes off.] The trick is...

So I'm wide awake, wondering what there is to eat at half 7 on a Sunday morning in my little village. No MacD's breakfast for me though. Those are vile tasting. I still have scones from my tea with Cat, but I don't think my brother wants left over food for breakfast not when he's driven half way across the island to have brekkie with his sister.

It's just occurred to me that I should start packing for our trip. We technically only have tomorrow to pack because we spend all of Tuesday on the plane. And it is connundrum filled packing. My new favourite weather network tells me that the weather is going to range from like 9 degrees to like Singapore weather. How to pack like that??

Oh well, that's a question for later. Now, I need to get dressed and amble across the road to meet my big bro. Also, I need to get the taste of garlic out of my mouth. Last night was a popiah party with D-I-Y popiah for us to mess up. There were taco looking ones, hamburger looking ones, some that disintegrated before you managed to get it anywhere near your mouth ones and ones with barbeque sauce. Yes, popiah parties tend to be rather experimental. Apparently, if you eat parsley after garlic, the parsley would cancel the taste of the garlic. But that is one experiment we are not willing to try. Parsley is yuck.

So, off to vigourously brush out the garlic taste in my mouth with minty fresh toothpaste and we'll see what there is for breakfast.

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