Sunday, November 13, 2005


Where can you buy a stethescope, a 5 kg bag of lentils, a gold watch for $18 and goat's milk shampoo under one roof?

Inspired by Wahj and Kay, we decided to venture into Little India and visit Mustafa. It really was a surreal experience. There was the departmental store part of it that sold gold necklaces that glistened so much, you could see it from across the road. It also had a Tag Heur counter with the price of the watches written on little sticker labels. No real price tags, no proper arrangment. Made me wonder whether it was actually authentic.

We were puzzled because there wasn't really the crowd that Wahj had talked about on his blog. Only after we were done paying for the light bulbs that we bought, we realised there had to be more than met the eye. Afterall, we hadn't seen the supermarket yet. Walking round the corner, one was met by the sight of sawn off coffee tables and stools lining the five foot way. It was a sort of rest stop for one to recover from the crowd inside before taking the final steps of the journey home. It was really a strange sight to behold. And then you understand why people walk on the streets all the time. Crowds everywhere. At that point, the vehicles really look less deadly than the crowds quashed on the walk way.

So we've vowed to go back there again, when it is less crowded or when we are more prepared to push and shove our way through the crowds. It's the Indian version of Sheng Siong and we've yet to ascertain if they also stock Nutella made in Praha.

More news when we brave it again.

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