Saturday, November 05, 2005

Imagining Massage

Finally, a week after school has been out, I've taken the first steps to recovering from the harrowing and exhausting last semester. I went to the spa today. It was long overdue. I was given an Amrita Spa voucher for my birthday 6 months ago and it was about to expire. I am SO bad at using vouchers and stuff. I keep thinking that I'll find an even better time to use it.

Anyway, I went and it was a somewhat new experience. Instead of the usual aromatherapy massage, I opted for a sports massage. It really kneads into the muscles with much wincing and grimacing. It made the usual aromatherapy massage feel like the slip-slop-slap-ing on of nice smelling oil followed by a pleasant pat down. What made it even more interesting was that it was done by a male therapist.

I was impressed. He was very professional, very polite and very discreet. It didn't feel weird and I think like Ob-gyns, male therapists (well, professional ones anyway) are sometimes preferable. They're less inquisitive and more considerate. Plus, there's naturally more strength. Sometimes, spa therapists try to use brute body strength to get overcome their physical fatigue, leading to very jarring massages. This wasn't the case today so the 80 minute massage actually felt too short.

I spent sometime wondering what it would have been like if I had sports massage therapists like that when I was running or dancing for that matter. And from there, I wondered what it would have been like if the Singapore Sports School had been in existence when I was running. For that matter, what would it have been like if I actually did start ballet the same time most little girls did.

One could spend a great amount of time wondering all the what if scenarios. And clearly 80 minutes wasn't long enough to ponder all these different possibilities but it was interesting semi-conscious food for thought.

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