Thursday, October 27, 2005

Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived in a town surrounded by forest. No one liked the forest very much because they did not trust the big bad wolves that lived in there. This little girl did not care much for those stories. After all, she never ventured into the forest.

This little girl enjoyed singing and dancing. She spent many of her days joyfully making up songs and little dance steps to them. Sometimes she got carried away and would end up at the edge of the town, but she was always mindful of never stepping into the forest.

One fine day, her father calls her to his work shack and tells her that the big bad wolves had seen her singing and dancing and wanted her to sing a particular song for them. Apparently, they had taken a liking to it and wanted her to sing specially for them. By this time, the little girl looked petrified. She did not want to sing for the wolves. She only sang and danced when she was happy and she was sure she was not going to be happy doing that in front of the salivating wolves in the forests.

Her father told her she had not much of a choice. They had already seen her and two things could happen. Either she bravely went and sang for them, with her father's knowledge or that they would kidnap her in the middle of the night while her father was asleep.

The little girl was stricken. She knew she had very little of a choice. Her father assured her that if she practiced the song and dance enough and made sure she did not get too close to the wolves, she would be fine. Afterall, he knew where she was going to be.

So, the little girl did as she was told. She practiced long and hard and made sure that she didn't make herself look like a little hamburger on sticks to the wolves. She showed her dance and her song to her father and he thought that she would be safe too.

On the day that she was supposed to perform for the wolves, she tried to remember and do everything her father told her to. The wolves seemed to take all this in stride. They almost ignored her while she performed and did not show any sort of reaction when she was done. They simply nodded to her and told her she could leave.

With a sigh of relief, she turned to leave. She did not know why the wolves behaved the way they did but she did not want to stay around and find out. As she grew closer to the edge of the forest, she wondered less and decided to put it behind her as a strange experience. She told herself that she should not go dance and sing too near the edge of the forest again because she was unsure of whether she would actually make it out alive the second time round.

She saw her home in the distance and could see smoke rising from out the chimney. She thought she could make out her father in the distance, waiting for her. She raised her hand to wave.

Just at that moment, she something hit her back with great force and felt her legs give from under her. Her head hit the ground with a loud thud. Wincing from the pain, she tried to focus on what had attacked her. Even before she could do that, the world around her went black.

The wolf looked up from his prey, limp and torn to shreds. All that was left was her pretty red cape and her dancing shoes. There was nothing he liked better than a moving, unknowing target. He loved plotting and planning these killings. They were always so clueless. They were always so willing to believe that they could outsmart the wolves. So he let them think that, lulling them into a false sense of security, but carefully hatching the plan and pouncing when the moment was right.

She was right about one thing. She never knew what hit her.

And now, he was full. The wolf yawned and stretched lazily. It had been a good hunt. Today, he would just sit back and be contented at the remarkable job he'd done, giving himself a pat on the back. Tomorrow he would start planning his next victim.

The End.

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