Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Laser Sights Part 1

Yesterday was part 1 of the very expensive 3 part elective eye surgery that I am doing.

It's a weird sensation when there's something put in your eye to prevent you from blinking.

It's a weird feeling when this green laser beam zaps your eyeball 30 times (I counted!)

It's an extremely weird feeling when another laser sends out pulses onto your eyeball with pressure that reminds you of little Borneo Dayaks or Ooompaloompahs (in my mind, they look the same) shooting darts into parts of your eye.

But strangely enough, my vision cleared up enough after the procedure to actually see what was going on around me.

Only bad thing? The eye drops. You drip them into your eye and they sneak down your nasal passage to leave a horrid bitter taste at the back of your throat. I'm constantly buzzing from sugar because I keep eating sweets to reduce the awful taste.

Hopefully Part 2 will go smoothly too. That's next Monday.

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