Friday, October 21, 2005


When you spend the entire afternoon sitting in the waiting room of a doctor's office, your mind ends up wandering and you inadvertently pick up snippets of conversation. The most interesting bits involved nurses.

Nurse 1: Must book anesthesist otherwise cannot do caesarian.
Nurse 2: Yah, see who is available.
Nurse 1: Anyone also can lah. Look at her, she's going to explode ready!

The woman in question, looked extremely miserable. I would too, if I was walking around looking like I swallowed an inflated fitball.

Another conversation was news to me and it promptly reminded me of how television land is fictitious.

Nurse: This bottle is for your husband (hands woman at counter an empty bottle)
Woman (blankly): What is he supposed to do with it?
Nurse: First he must substain (read: abstain) for 3 days. And then he must do it in the bottle.
Woman: Where? At home?
Nurse: At home can, but must deliver in one hour. Wait got traffic jam, then all wasted!
Woman: Is there a room here for him to do it?
Nurse: The toilet lor!
Woman: What???
Nurse: Yah, most of our husbands do it in the toilet.

Right. You heard it here. Poor men who have to deposit a specimen have to do it in the toilet. There is no room. And I was led to believe, by many television shows and the One with the Fertility Test, that there would be a room for such purposes and there was porn in the room to, erm, aid the process. Possibly the only place in Singapore that would have legal porn. But apparently, no. Not even to aid the nation's plummeting birth rates is there porn. Not even for medical purposes. The poor men have to stare blankly at the white tiles of the Men's room with is fluorescent lighting. How sad.

Of course, Packrat had greater concerns. He now has to go to the Men's toilet on another floor because it's put bad images into his head. Actually, it has in mine as well, but I don't have to go the Men's Room.

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1 thoughts...

At 4:04 pm Blogger trisha said...

o my gosh!! And I always thought in Singapore we would at least have dirty magazines, if not porn movies.

The poor men...


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