Sunday, October 16, 2005

Soup that Gives you Wings

I feel sick.

My mother presented me with a somewhat foul looking concoction that I was supposed to drink because it was good for me. Usually I get just chicken soup but today, she was adventurous and had bought a packet of dubious looking herbs from the medicinal hall for me. Apparently, it's supposed to warm me up. She has been quite concerned about the fact that I get cold easily. And get cold as in lips and hands and finger nails turn a brighter shade of purple. So out of the goodness of her heart, she decides to warm me up.

Except, the soup is black! And you can smell it from the lift landing! Did I tell you the soup was black? Anyway, only I alone was to eat it. She remarked rather ominously that Packrat could not eat it unless he wanted to grow some breasts. And I like my men bra-less so, no, I had to finish it. 2 big bowls of it. After which, I was quite ready to throw up although I was ordered not to since she had spent the whole afternoon brewing it and it would just be a waste to see it in reverse projectile.

I kept it down and desperately craved something sweet like cake to get the foul, bitter taste out of my mouth. My bro cut a Chinese pear which I immediately pounced on since it was allegedly sweet. But it was taken away almost just as immediately because it was cooling and I had just had soup that was heaty and we didn't want to negate the effects. I think I looked like a child whose ice cream was taken away from her on accord of her coughing. *much indignance*

Apparently, part deux will be next week. But she promises it will be less, in quantity, not in bitterness. So I have a week to get this tast out of my mouth. Next week, I will have ice cream on hand.


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2 thoughts...

2 thoughts...

At 11:42 pm Blogger wahj said...

heh... you know how it is with Chinese medicine - the blacker, the bitterer, the betterer for you!

(just as long as you're the one drinking it, not me! =)

At 5:42 pm Blogger Aud said...

hey there... u poor thing. =) maybe u could try having some of those preserved plums (the sweet ones) on hand the next time round.
u know, those wrapped in wax paper and plastic, usually will blue letterings on the wrapper. it is suppose to help lessen the bitterness.


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