Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tea Zone

Packrat and I decided to go on a lunch date today. We aren't usually able to have lunch together because we're normally still at work. But since my eyes were still recovering from having air puffed into it, psychedelic whirling lights out of Austin Powers spinning in my periphary vision, eye drops dripped into my eyes to numb my eyeballs to the mechanical pencil looking device that would measure the thickness of my cornea and to round it off, more eyedrops to dilate my already large pupils, I had the day off and Packrat was a 5 minute drive away, we went to lunch.

We've been to Essential Brew for drinks before. Essentially, they serve tea. And their food menu is tea inspired as well. Our lunch today consisted of

One Jasmine Rice Ball which is white rice infused with jasmine tea (Very fragrant)
One Grilled tofu steak topped with mushrooms marinated in tea sauce and tea leaves (Yum!)
One plate of Oolong drumettes braised in Oolong tea sauce
One T-Jazz drink which was lemongrass and Jasmine tea
One Vera Breeze which was a blended Kiwi, apple and green tea drink.

And the menu proudly proclaimed the benefits of tea drinking. Catechins which are antioxidants and the presence of Vitamin C, E and Zinc. No need to drink cooking oil already.

So, we've had our daily dosage of essential minerals and are in the zone.

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