Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Q and A

Qn: What happens when a teacher invigilates an exam and is bored?
Ans: She looks at the paper and her eyes glaze over.

Qn: What happens when an English teacher invigilates a Chemistry paper?
Ans: Her eyes glaze over and she begins to think up answers to the questions.


Qn: Name and describe a test you would do to make sure there was protein in an egg
Ans: Eat many eggs and see if you grow bigger after that.

Qn: Suggest why a healthy diet should contain protein from different sources.
Ans: Because just eating tofu can bore the heck out of everyone. And if you only ate meat, you'd constipate. If you ate too many nuts, you get nut breath and if you drank just milk and nothing else, you'd get fat.

Qn: When meat or potatoes are baked, why do the edges turn brown?
Ans: Because the oven is hot.

Qn: Explain why frozen vegetables have a higher nutritional value than fresh vegetables
Ans: Really? Ok, hmm, let's see, because all the fresh goodness has been sealed in and cannot vapourise into the air. If you stand near fresh vegetables for long enough, you would have breathed in the vitamins and that's why fresh vegetables go limp after a while.

Qn: Explain why vegetables frozen rapidly will retain their texture better than when they freeze slowly.
Ans: You freeze them fast by zapping them with a freeze ray and that happens in a split second so there's no time for the texture to react. When you freeze them slowly, you're basically sucking the life out of them.

Qn: Explain why cooking oil is fortified with Vitamin E
Ans: So that everyone will have beautiful skin and will not feel so lethargic easily.


Sure fail one, that's why I teach English and not Chemistry.

Ondine tossed this thought in at 15:23

6 thoughts...

6 thoughts...

At 4:46 pm Blogger Terz said...

Heh... I think I only did that on Maths exams when I didn't know the answers.

At 4:56 pm Blogger Tym said...


Are those bona fide chemistry questions? Is that what kids are tested on these days? So "real world" --- with a dash of home economics for flavour.

PS: Can I borrow your "freeze ray"? I have recently discovered a strange penchant for freeze-dried veggies...

At 4:57 pm Blogger wahj said...

So what do Chem teachers think when they invigilate our English papers?

(chem teacher reading) "Answer in your own words ... err ... okay ... weekeewakkeewongwangdong"


At 10:57 pm Blogger Ondine said...

It's an optional section called Food Chemistry. Fun ah?

At 10:42 am Blogger Packrat said...


At 3:09 pm Blogger  said...

wahj: funny! hahaha!!!


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