Tuesday, November 08, 2005


I spent the afternoon with my best friend today. She's due at the beginning of December and has decided that she really doesn't want to be at work anymore. So, she's on leave and we hung out the whole afternoon. Well, actually she shopped and I just stood around and gave useless comments like "don't buy a cot bumper with trucks on it because it's gender stereotyping"- totally disregarding the fact that you really don't need a cot bumper period.

For a 34 week pregnant woman, she's full of energy and has no problem spending the whole afternoon on her feet shopping. Me? The one with a pulse rate of 46/ minute really wanted to sit on the floor of Mothercare. I ended up sitting on some wooden baby step/ladder donnowhat and got some evil glares from the retail assistants.

I get very well educated everytime I go out with her. I was with her on her super maternity clothes maternity shopping trip. I learnt from that one that maternity pants had elastic bands or buttons to tighten or loosen accordingly. I learnt there was a different between nursing and maternity clothes. Simple things that you'd never really think about.

Today, I learnt about cot bumpers, Baby Bjorns, changing tables, Moses baskets, pram sized/cot sized/cot bed sized sheets and repositionable wall decals. It's always educational, but it's also just plain fun at the same time. I didn't buy anything though, there was hardly anything for me to buy. Except a set Aussino Christmas sheets. Yellow checked ones with Christmas trees, candy cane, reindeer borders. When I told YM about them, her response was " I hereby pronounce you thoroughly domesticated".

And it occured to me that I forgot to tell her that I bought four Corelle plates last week.

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2 thoughts...

2 thoughts...

At 6:23 pm Blogger Tym said...

Corelle! *faint*

At 12:03 am Blogger justpassingby said...

Akcherly hor, cot bumper need leh. Baby leg and hand easy to kena stuck in between the railings of the cot otherwise. Also, if like my anaks, then always trying to burrow their way out of their cot, pressing their oh so soft skulls against the hard railings. So cot bumper need... the thicker the better, without long long strings (otherwise, if baby pulls it, then might choke on the length of it).

There, feelings slightly more educated now?


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