Thursday, November 17, 2005

Staying Indoors

It was so incredibly hot yesterday that Cat (my-can deliver at anytime- best friend) and I decided that air-conditioned malls were God's greatest gift to Singapore and it would be just downright ungrateful if we chose not to use it.

So we spent all our time indoors, together with many students. Many kids finished their exams yesterday and were out in full force to make up for lost time. I remember being that age and hitting the malls and cinemas after the exams. My record was 3 movies in one day. And the bug-eyed-ness that hit after that was quite incredible.

Yesterday came close. I saw two movies. Just Like Heaven in the afternoon and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at night. One was better and more enjoyable than the other. The story was well paced, it was predictable but easy to sit through with plenty of eye candy. The other was horrid. Rushing through parts, not developing the story arc enough, leaving gaping holes big enough for the 50 feet King Kong we saw in the trailers to waddle through with editorial skills that I thought were only possible at our Board of Censors.

Mildly entertaining versus two and a half hour of sheer torture and fighting off sleep that was coming far too easily.

No prizes for guessing which was which.

The disappointment knows no bounds and I have very little hope that it'll actually get better after this. I mean, Goblet was a really fun book and the movie turned out like that. And the fifth book- the phoenix was almost unreadable so I have very little hope that the movie will be actually watchable.

Pity though, and to think I defied my mother and her anti-Harry Potter ways to get this far with the series.

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