Tuesday, November 22, 2005

It's beginning to feel like winter...

According to the Weather Network that basically kept me warm and alive in Calgary 10 months ago, Singapore is a cool 24 degrees today. It's wet, it's dark and it's really dreary and I'm ecstatic! I opened one eye at about 7 and decided it was too dark and went back to sleep. Same thing at 8, 9 and 9.30. Eventually at 9.48am, I decided that it wasn't going to get any brighter and popped out of bed to check the weather and exchanged an SMS conversation with Tym about the weather.

Tym: Weather is wonderful for snoozing today.
Me: I feel like pulling out my leather jacket out of storage.
Tym: Yup. Definitely a jacket. Miss winter.
Me: Totally.
Tym: Oh, and boots! Today is definitely a boots day!

(Courtesy of my inbox and sent message folder that desperately needs to be cleared but so useful in times like these!)

We like this weather because it not only allows our significant others to be less grumpy (their moods are often not determined by hormones but how hot it is out there), it also allows us to digress from our usual tank tops and shorts to much cooler outer-wear.

So, my bean pink leather/suede jacket has been taken out of storage. It smells! Leather totally does not keep well in Singapore. At this moment, it's being aired and resprayed in case it gets rainy later. I'm still contemplating the boots.

That's why countries like Paris and London do better than we do in terms of fashion, this is according to an Elle magazine I was reading in the doctor's office some days ago, they have seasons!

And what do we have? Dizty people like us searching for opportunity to take out our less-oft used clothes to take them for a spin!

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