Tuesday, December 13, 2005

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We're back. From Sydney.

But we're still not back in Singapore. We're in Melbourne now. And will be till Christmas Eve when we board the plane with 6ft tall amazonian stewardesses that speak only German and play Sudoku in the galley when passengers are dying of thirst and looking for water.

Sydney was boiling. And it wasn't just the weather. What started out as an attack on lifeguards last Sunday has become the worst race riots Australia has ever seen. This morning, we were unceremoniously thrown out of our hotel room at 8 in the morning. The entire hotel shut down for an emergency evacuation drill. So we were left wandering the streets of Sydney. 2 suggestions came in. Both required us to slap on some sun block and head out to the beach. Unfortunatetly, the beach was the last place any of us wanted to be at today.

People aren't surfing. They're throwing stuff at people. And it's not just sand. It's filled beer bottles, bottle shards, cricket bats, rocks and everything they can get their hands on. Add to that, they're jumping on cars and breaking windows and attacking people who are going to Christmas concerts. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite end there. They send out text messages declaring war with a specific time and date. They declare all this is done to in the name of being Australian.

Now that's what I call sedition. And people here are responding, so no. I'm happy I'm back in Melbourne and no where near the beaches in Sydney.

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3 thoughts...

3 thoughts...

At 10:44 am Blogger KnightofPentacles said...

..has become the worst race riots Australia has ever seen..

Hardly the worst in the history of NSW. The Lambing Flat riots required military intervention, and eventually led to the White Australia policy. And in recent history, January 2004 saw the Redfern riots where over 40 police officers were injured.

But I guess it feels a lot different when you are smack in the middle of it. I was totally spooked out when I had to drive past the edge of Redfern the day after the riots - and this was in bright daylight with police barricades and heightened police posturing.

It is still safe to go to the beach. Just not Cornulla for the moment.

I reckon my odds of being injured/killed on the beach in a race riots are a lot less than being injured/killed by jellyfish on that coast.

At 1:31 pm Blogger Ondine said...

..has become the worst race riots Australia has ever seen...

Not my words. But that's how the media is shaping it in NSW.

In Melbourne, there's hardly anything on the front page. They're all more obsessed about the Falconio murder.

At 4:15 pm Blogger KnightofPentacles said...

Around here, the media is clucking their tongues and wagging fingers at those yobbos "from the eastern states".

Gallop has issued a strongly worded statement about WA not tolerating racial intolerance (w.r.t. the egg-throwing, garage-door-banging incident at Kewdale).

Otherwise, life goes on. There is more than enough empty beaches around here.

The insular naivete is charming. And worrying at times.


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