Saturday, December 17, 2005

What holidays are meant to be

We go to bed about one or two in the morning, watching Fraiser Season 1 on DVD and we get up about ten or eleven in the morning. It takes the two of us about 2 hours to get out of the apartment whereupon we deliberate where we will have lunch while walking to the city.

And we let the rest of the day just unroll ahead of us.

That's how everyday seems to pan out. The weekdays and the weekends don't seem much different. Although today, we've spent most of the day in front of the television. Beside me, I have 3 books, all of which I don't really want to read. One's too whiny and I just want to reach into the book and slap the protagonist, the other I tried reading when I was 14 and got stuck and right up till today, I still fear picking it up. And the last, it's trashy and has a bright purple cover and belongs to one of my kids.

I did manage to find some fake DVDs round the apartment and we've got Mr and Mrs Smith playing in the backgroung. Problem is it's not just a fake copy, it's a copy that was recorded off the screen in th etheatre so there's an occasional head and there's talking in the background. Oh well.

This is what holidays are meant to be. Lots of sleeping, eating (Oh, I forgot to mention we're baking ribs, wings and pumpkin in the oven as I write this), walking and everything else the doctor ordered. It doesn't matter if we're sleeping on a springy mattress on the floor and the apartment doesn't have a couch. It doesnt' really matter either that the dining table and chairs are patio furniture.

Only thing is that this sojourn from reality ends on Christmas eve and we land 40 minutes before Christmas leaving very little time to do Christmas shopping. How like that? I don't know and at this point, I'm finding it hard to care. Maybe metre long Toblerone bars all round. =)

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