Monday, December 19, 2005

Poor Birds

While Christmas shopping today, we came across a cruel form of bird abuse perpetuated by Polo Ralph Lauren. What did the poor flamingos do to deserve such awful treatment? And this was advertised as a perfect Christmas present. Now, whatever the poor sod did, no one deserves a shirt like that.


Packrat thinks that there will be people who have absolutely no taste whatsoever who will provide the performance bonus for those colour blind designers who probably also think polka dots and checks are a good way to go. I can't wait till we spot one of the on the street. But I think we'd be more likely to find them on a golf course somewhere worn most likely by someone of Asian persuasion.

I remember last year when we were all forcibly hauled to the Bird Park for some conference at the Flamingo Lodge where we spent most of our time not paying attention to the speaker but to the flamingos. We came up with lame birdbrain jokes about what the very "luk-sek" (washed out) pink birds did everyday. "Today, I'll stand on my right leg. Tomorrow, I think I'll stand on my left. After that, LOOK MOM! No legs!" This year, no such luck. I was hoping for the zoo. Then I could have Ben and Jerry's after or during perhaps.

Before I finish off and have some grilled chicken for dinner, I should chirp on about the other bird abuse that we were introduced to yesterday.

Kfc Cruelty

They were all standing outside KFC where people were marching out and making their own stand with big take out paper bags of chicken. And I think it might have had the reverse effect. Packrat took the flyer, read it and asked if I wanted some chicken for lunch. Haha, now what would those activists who were trying to promote a chicken substitute (mock eleven herbs and spices KFC chicken) say about the effect of their flyers? I did manage to dissuade Packrat from stepping in and buying a bucket because even though the flyer seems to have the reverse effect on him, I was all sympathetic (although I hate mock anything). I'm an activist's wet dream. I'll stop eating anything once they tell me it's cruel. Hence the immense guilt when I ate foie gras before we came here. Same reason I don't eat veal and venison. I know, the cow and chicken I eat aren't exempt from the cruelty, so don't anyone leave a comment about how they're abused too, please? I know they are, but I have to practice selective hearing/reading/acknowledging here otherwise I will just end up eating nothing but fishballs for the rest of my life. And then someone will tell me about how the fish got harmed in the process of producing fish balls then I'm screwed.

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3 thoughts...

3 thoughts...

At 8:07 am Blogger Tym said...

There are Ben & Jerry's outlets at Suntec City, Great World City and United Square now. No need to go all the way to the zoo anymore!

At 9:27 pm Blogger missy-j said...

man, how could u diss polka dots?

I love them!

At 7:05 am Blogger Ondine said...

It's not polka dots. It's polka dots with checked pants/skirts.


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