Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Kids say the darndest things.

It's such a pity that I'm not teaching the new batch of students in my college. They're funny.

As a tradition, the first week of school is orientation and they do silly things in large groups. One of those things is to dunk the group leaders or whoever was unlucky enough to have a birthday into any body of water. The body of water in question this time was the koi pond in the college. The victims, the group leaders. The outcome, very very soaked group leaders and a very tickled teacher watching from a far.

I was told that the deed could not go unchided. But at the same time, it was the first week of school and I had no desire to become Mistress Bitch Lady so early in the term. So, the teacher face and aura were summoned as I stood behind waiting to be noticed. It didn't take long. I am told the aura emanates and words are not necessary. Panic ensued and eyes darted all round looking for the quickest escape route.

Scary Me: Where are the Group Leaders?
Four very sodden kids in black come up to me starring sheepishly at the ground.
Scary Me: Were there fish in the pond?
Sodden Sheepish Kids nod, still too petrified to utter a sound.
Scary Me: Do you know you probably gave the fish a really big shock?
Sodden Sheepish Kids look at the soaked feet.
Scary Me: The fish might die you know? First, you gave them such a shock. Second, you all are very dirty. If the fish die, it'll be your fault.
Sodden Sheepish kids struggle not to laugh.
Scary Me: Don't ever do this again. One, you would have got into a whole lot more trouble if it was someone else who saw you. Two, you need to be more considerate to the fish. Three, if the fish die, it will be on your conscience.
Sodden Sheepish kids relieved that they were going to get hauled into the principal's office: Sorry Ma'am.
Scary Me: Don't apologise to me. But you better go apologise to the fish.

With that, I sweep back into my meeting where I had the best seats in the house to watch some sixty 16 year old kids gather round the pond and chorus in unison "Sorry Fishes!" only to be chided by someone who insists that it should be "fish" since they were all koi. So, they repeat their apology "Sorry FISH, we promise we won't do it again!" before scattering in all directions.

I didn't stop chuckling the whole day. It was priceless.

I suspect I didn't earn the title of Mistress Bitch Lady but that crazy teacher who made us say sorry to the fish.

I could live with that.

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2 thoughts...

2 thoughts...

At 10:00 am Blogger PensiveTabby said...

Ah. The Koi pond. Brings back memories of my orientation days. :)

At 10:50 pm Blogger justpassingby said...

thanks for the great chuckle this post gave me... big kids, small kids... they are all funny creatures aren't they?!


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