Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I never wore thongs (not to be confused with thong) much. Not until I was in Oz this time round and my sandals broke, probably from too much walking and Packrat stepping on the heel part all the time. Because that happened while we were out, I had to go get another pair of footwear. Much as I like living in Oz, I cannot go around barefoot. The fear of stepping on glass shards and catching ringworm or the likes is far far greater than any desire to become one of them. So, I walked into the store and bought the cheapest pair of footwear available. This came in the form of Julius the Monkey thongs that I now wear everywhere.

There is absolutely no glam factor to it whatsoever. Not to me anyway. Anything that flat and floppy and noisy when you walk, cannot be glam. But I am a convert. Unfortunately, wearing them makes me what to beat some people senseless.

Because of it's great flop factor, it seems to leave space for people to step on the bed of the slipper. This results in me moving but not moving. I mean, you can't move forward if someone's stepped on your slipper preventing your slipper and by extension your foot from lifting off the ground to take that step forward. So, I find myself in constipated motion. And like with any other types of constipation, it's annoying, frustrating and makes you want to yell out in exasperation.

Perhaps I should only walk around in them when I'm in non-crowded areas. Alternatively, I could go back to my less flip-floppy slippers. But I've grown attached to Julius. Dilemma dilemma.

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2 thoughts...

2 thoughts...

At 12:32 am Blogger  said...

Yay for you! i love those flip flops!

At 10:39 am Blogger Olie said...

Oh, those are cute! But seriously, they are also so not glam!


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