Friday, January 20, 2006

Kids Nowsadays

In the past two weeks, I have come to the conclusion that kids these days are much bolder than when I was a teenager. It's got nothing to do with manners or shoplifting or smoking. More to do with hormonally charged pubescent relationships. Physical relationships at that.

When I had boyfriends in school, I remember it was considered quite a big risk to be seen hanging around with the same guy. Of course, I came from a school whose principal had the reputation of hauling parents of teenage couples into her office and lecturing them about keeping their children in control. Obviously we had stolen moments where he would try and reach under the table in the library to hold my hand or something and that I considered, rather sweet. Especially now, when I'm faced with not just Public Displays of Affection but the In Your Face brand of PDA.

Two days ago, I was over at my mom's and when I came down the stairs, I was met by the sight of this couple dressed in school uniform, with the girl sitting on the boy's lap facing him. I have come to learn that that position is the favoured way of having sex in public because it is assumed that no one will really know what you're doing. What was even more disturbing is the fact that the boy was in shorts. So, it led to one of 2 conclusions. One, the boy was still in primary school (extremely disgusting), Two, the boy was in lower secondary (below 14) and the girl looked his age. Which ever way, this image is far too disturbing and in both situations, I think it they could be thrown into jail for it.

So, apparently, they're at it like bunnies all over the place. It was recently made known to me that kids do it all over the place. On the back seat of double decker buses, various secluded areas in school, at Hotel 81 or Hotel Frangrance chains and of course at movie theatres.

Both movies that I saw recently, there were kid couples that really should have just checked into the above hotels. At Memoirs of a Geisha, during a very full and very expensive $9.50 weekend show, the two seats beside us were empty for the first 20 minutes, leading us to think that the people who bought the tickets forgot about the show. Then, they come in laden with shopping bags, not even muttering an apology as they squeeze past all of us into their seats. The minute they sat down, they started. And really, never came up for air except when her phone beeped and caused me to go "tsk tsk" in great annoyance. Well, I'm sure if I had to identify the boy in a line up, I really could because his face was turned my direction the entire movie. Memoirs could have been in Samarian and they wouldn't have been the wiser. My rather snarky colleague was ready to prod them and tell them to get a room, but her quick wit was dulled by the making out sounds emanating from them. Whatever it is, the girl and the guy would have very bruised ribs and neck after that 125 minute tongue marathon. Now, if only they had braces. That would have afforded more entertainment.

At Pride and Prejudice, I wasn't quite aware of the lack of attention to the movie from those behind me until out of the corner of my eye, I saw toes stuck through the gap between the seats onto my arm rest. Once again, with great annoyance, I turned around to glare at them, only to discover the girl lying on the lap of the guy (This was at GV where there were couple seats) and the guy bent over as giving her mouth to mouth, all the while wriggling his toes at me.

And according to KW, she was at a movie where the couple went to the toilet and did not come back till the movie was over and the credits were running.

Seriously, do couples go to the movies to watch movies anymore? Or have common decency to not subject the public to gross displays of affection? Hand-holding, an affectionate hug from the back, a peck on the lips, all fine. Bodies smooshed together, tongues and hands a wandering, er, save it, please.

License my roving hands, and let them goe
Behind, before, above, between, below.

John Donne
Elegie:To his Mistris Going to Bed

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2 thoughts...

2 thoughts...

At 2:48 am Blogger tscd said...

Wow. Don't kids in school uniforms get into trouble behaving like that?

At 7:47 pm Blogger wahj said...

What movies are these that you're going to?!? I've never had any of these ... sightings!

Maybe I'm paying too much attention to the movie. Damn this verisimilitude and suspension of disbelief, when there could be real drama going on not two rows away from me! = )


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