Saturday, January 21, 2006

Clockwork Orange

Packrat didn't have tuition this morning so we had the whole day to ourselves. And we've had a very fruitful morning. We'd decided last night that we would go to the Botanic Gardens to run in the morning. What we didn't count on was the rest of the world being there on Saturday as well and us turning into be flyer thieves. For once, there were useful flyers stuck onto the windscreen of the cars parked in the car park. It was for a restaurant, relatively near us that served Australian pancakes and other types of breakfast food. So Packrat, eager for anything Ozzie, got me to pick up some off the windscreens of these hapless cars parked along the way.

It was a good run. Not too hot and my lungs didn't feel like they were going to explode. It occurred to us as we were getting into the car to go off to get some breakfast, it was time for us to redeem our Shell points otherwise, they would just void the points that were about to expire. So, we picked ourselves up one vacuum cleaner and two electric toothbrushes. I wanted an electric kettle but we didn't have enough points for all that. So, 3 years of petrol points and all we had to show for it was one vacuum cleaner and two electric toothbrushes.

Packrat decided after that, it was time to get our street directory back from C. Apparently, he feels insecure when there isn't a street directory in the car. By which time, we were both hungry and thirsty. Opposite C's house, is a huge hawker centre where we had lunch and we decided to indulge in some heartland fun. We ventured into the market to look for huge oranges. We found a stall that had HUGE ones so we bought $10 worth- that's 8 big oranges for you! And since CNY is next weekend, we needed some mandarins as well. Those cost another $10 as well.

So, in one morning, we got a new vacuum cleaner, two tooth brushes and $20 worth of oranges. I now have 24 oranges in my vegetable compartment (we still had 2 left from our last supermarket expedition).

Feeling domesticated.

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Die lah, haven't bought oranges yet...


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