Saturday, February 04, 2006


For some strange reason, even though this has been a short work week, Packrat and I are both totally wiped out. The plan this morning was, I'll wake up and get him to drop me off at the club to gym (I'm taking what people say about doing weight bearing exercise to prevent osteoporosis) before he goes off to tuition. And I'd stay there and work till he gets done.

Good plan. Problem is the flesh is weak.

I couldn't get myself to get dressed, much less imagine being on the stepper or the treadmill for half an hour. So, I begged out and told him I'd make my way into town and meet him after tuition. That was at 9 this morning.

9.45 am- After the reading the paper and pondering how to fashion the current race issue into a lesson and having a high sugar breakfast (Kellogs must learn to make less sweet cereal Raisin Bran cereal), I crawled back into bed. To try to motivate myself to grade papers, I text KW who I know has got papers to grade too to ask if she wanted to meet somewhere and mark. Problem is, KW is equally wiped ( What went on this week???). So I pass out.

10.40 am- I haul ass out of bed and determined to start the day. I manage a shower and get distracted by the huge pile of bills that need to be filed.

11.00am- I find a file to shove all the bills into (There really is NO energy to do any sort of filing today) and start packing my bag to go out.

11.15 am- I find an application form for some credit card thing that I've been meaning to do so I sit down and fill it in. I need to find a power and cable bill to complete this.

11.30 am- I resume packing my bag and looking at my diary, discover that neither of us have called the Hog's Breath Cafe to make reservations for dinner.

11.45 am- 15 minutes later, I have a reservation for early dinner after a very pleasant conversation with the hostess who talks me through the menu both a-la-carte and set and dining options (al fresco or indoors). I resume packing my bag after.

12.00pm- I shut all the windows in the house (it threatens to rain) and decide what shoes I should wear out.

12.05 pm- I lock the door behind me, put on my Ipod and walk to the lift.

12.06 pm- Packrat texts to say he's coming home because tuition got cancelled.

Right. I took so long to leave the house that my husband beat me to it and is coming home. I need to get moving just a little bit faster.

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2 thoughts...

2 thoughts...

At 3:00 pm Blogger Tym said...

I like how you say "put on" the iPod.

At 1:06 am Blogger serene said...

hi, reading that you were previously a melb uni student so i wanted to share with you this mail that i got from one of my friend's taking this course which apparently was a lecturer's reply to a student on whether could they change the exam date (which falls on valentine's day) to another date. but i failed to locate your email so if you are interested, u could just let me know. all in the name of fun. =)


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