Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Breath of Fresh Air

Traditionally, we don't celebrate Valentine's Day. And since we've gotten married, I haven't been around for Valentine's Day. I've always been in some far wintery country, trying to keep five very articulate kids from going all sorts of insane. Hmmm, just looking at the posts makes me want snow! ANYway, my point was we haven't celebrated Valentine's Day.

And I thought this year, we would, just for the fun of it and because we have Corrinne May tickets for the weekend before. And Packrat was furious that he missed the last one so I was on Sistic every day of January because there was an announcement that tickets would be released in January 2006. No date whatsoever. Just the month. Thank goodness, I got tickets, one Friday night, while Packrat was off gaming. -thrilled-

Now, we've got a nice concert to go and to make it more perfect, a nice meal somewhere. We've been on an austerity drive since the year started because of the great drainage of our savings account towards the end of last year. Initially, we were thinking of Essential Brew near us but this morning, I found the perfect place. The Hog's Breath Cafe!

One April, when we were still in uni in Melly, I freaked out because I'd stayed up 2 nights in a row to write a paper and lost the entire paper because the computer decided it was time to reboot and this was before Microsoft Word had a retrieved document function. Packrat then decided, it was time for me to leave everything behind and take a break away from my computer and my books. So, we packed up for the weekend and went off to Ballarat, 2 hours from the city and where there was really not much to do. What I do remember doing was walking over 2 hours to a Wildlife reserve only to discover it was ten minutes from the town centre. After that long walk and ten minute bus ride back into town, there was a cafe with what looked like a big plank of wood nailed up. On it was a pig and in bright coloured words "Hog's Breath Cafe". How could we resist?

So we didn't. And on top of that, I had gotten into my head that I wanted apple pie for dessert. There was a Pancake Parlour next to it and we ended up stuffing with a tall stack of pancakes and a Bavarian Apple pie thing that came with pancakes! It was indeed a happy day.

And I shall make reservations at the Hog's Breath here in Singapore and hopefully, it'll be an equally happy and contented day! =)


Of course, at this point, I'm still trying to get rid of all the CNY eating and have been staying away from meat and just eating fruit and veg. I'm not trying to lose weight. I swear!

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