Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Day Part Deux

Now that I've given the rose-tinted version of Valentine's Day, it's now time to break the rose tinted lenses about yesterday. The annoyance and irritation that sane people who refused to get taken for the dinner for $800 (including roses, champagne, chocolates and an instant photograph), $80 bouquet (2 roses and a whole bunch of filler flowers) ride had to put up with...

It was downright impossible to run a class with interuptions every five minutes by groups delivering flowers, balloons and singing telegrams. It got to a point where I growled in exasperation that the next group that came in would incur the wrath of an already irritated teacher and would most possibly get throttled for it. The response that was muttered sotto voce around the class was "Sour Grapes...". Of course, that immediately warranted the patented look of death. Not only do I have to put up with interuptions, I have deal with impudent students.

I have nothing against Valentine's Day. I used to get huge bouquets of flowers and we used to go out for dinner and all that jazz. But we've since wisened up to it. Problem is the majority of the population hasn't and we are inundated by allergy inducing pollen from lilies and having to stare at the limp, stored for the last month in cold storage roses and giant stuffed toys. And there is also the case of not being able to find a simple place to eat at. Even places that don't generally serve good food and have sucky service and fast food joints had long snaking lines.

Where do normal people eat on Valentine's Day? Our conclusion was at home so we mossied over to the nearest supermarket and picked up a roast chicken and headed home. Even that was difficult. On weekends, Packrat is annoyed at the state of drivers on the road. He is convinced that all the morons get released from the cages for the weekend. Yesterday, he revised that to, weekend and public holidays. I don't know if it's because people are making out or feeling one another up while driving but there sure were a whole lot of morons out there.

So, I'm glad it's over. I can't understand why people need a day to celebrate love when as corny as it sounds, it should be celebrated all the time. Not just on a single arbitrary day in a year and be mean to your significant other the rest of the time.

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