Sunday, November 28, 2004

Detox Required

I am in desperate need of a detox. This is going to be a week of eating and the eating or rather than gorging started yesterday. The godparents invited us over for dinner yesterday. Dinner with them is always an adventure, but a known adventure because dinner invitations would go along the lines of "Come over for nasi lemak/steamboat/barbeque/prawn mee..." Yesterday was our first unknown foray. I beeped B and asked what was for dinner. A rather cryptic "come and see for yourself" did not really help.

So, dinner ended up to be stewed/roasted ribs (extremely yummy), some assam (read sour and spicy) pork dish that was yummy with rice, squid stuffed with minced meat soup, kai lan (vegetables) fried with beef (that I mistook for liver), and spicy fried chicken. It doesn't sound like a lot, but it was and having 4 out of 5 dishes meat laden was good for the eating but not so good for the digesting.

Hence the need for urgent de-toxing in the face of more eating. Dan's birthday is this week, so tomorrow, we're off to the Bar and Billiard room for dinner tomorrow night. The following night was meant to be at Brazil Churrascaria but just the thought of more meat is making my tummy feel funny.

Will run later today. Next Sunday's the marathon so must run further and faster and pray my toe nail stays put.

Now, in search of a salad-ish lunch.

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