Monday, November 22, 2004

Things That Go Bump

Something I've discovered this weekend, actually last night. Metal basins are a hazard to have. I was bent over rinsing out some workout clothes and was spatially unaware that the edge of the basin was in my vicinity. When I moved to unbend myself, my forehead collided with the edge of the sink with a major clang. It brought tears to my eyes, not because I felt sorry for the sink or it was a moment of great emotion. It was just downright painful! Mutter mutter mutter

It's still painful and sore but it's the next morning and it doesn't feel so nightmarish anymore. I'm not going to be scarred for life.

I'm waiting to leave for invigilation. It starts at nine and I woke up earlier because I thought I would save myself a buck by driving in early therefore avoiding the need to pay toll. But the problem with that idea was 2 fold.

1. I needed to leave the house by 7.15, which meant waking up at 6.30 which was impossible because my body has realised it really is not term time and it's gone on holiday.

2. Getting in early would be fine if I had something to do in the East. I toyed with the idea of getting Kaya toast for breakfast and sitting quietly and reading with breakfast. But then again, I've had a lot of sugar this weekend and didn't particularly want to add to that with a sinful breakfast.

So, it's 8am and I'm still sitting here. I'll pay the dollar and get in just for the 9 am shift. Meanwhile, I'll potter round the house and look for some food. Not reading the paper yet. That, I'll leave till my hours of solitude as I watch kids struggle through the economic paper today.

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2 thoughts...

2 thoughts...

At 9:21 am Blogger anonymous said...

Today is the start of the holidays, so ERP rates were reduced for certain areas.

At 11:04 am Blogger Tym said...

You can read the newspapers while invigilating?!


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