Friday, May 12, 2006

Me Boy! You Girl!

Being a public holiday and being somewhat reluctant to work, Packrat and I both had friends over for tea. But that's as together as our afternoon was. Packrat and the boys had decided that it was going to be a game afternoon with the nefarious and extremely noxious toy- the X Box 360. Tym and I, on the other hand, had decided that we were having tea, with the bestest and most excellent of cakes, Lana Cake, that Cour Marly so gamely brought over and LMD experimented with Nutella. The conclusion, Lana cake is good on its own. Nutella, while a remarkable food group all on its own, not so good with the cake.

There was good table conversation too except for the fact that it had to be shouted because there was no way four girls could compete with four boys yelling "KILL KILL KILL" at the television screen. We couldn't even make out what was going on, since we did have a good 650 gm of dense chocolate cake in our systems and watching the screen constantly move around erractically due to the boys' attempts at trying to charge at some mysterious but not obvious to onlooker enemy just made us feel sick.

The problem was that there was no way to tell four guys to shush up and after an hour or so, we decided that it wasn't worth the trouble to be yelling conversation over the table. It ate away at what we imagined tea would be. As lady of the house, I should have forseen the amount of noise the boys would make in an attempt to breach the enemy's defences and gain a foothold on the beach. I should have banished them into the bedroom with the 15 inch television but then again, it is my bedroom and I didn't want grubby boys anywhere near my bed.

We left them be and went off to have our own fun, away from the house. When I returned home, the house did indeed look like a war zone, or a boy's playroom, whichever is messier. Wires everywhere, controllers on the floor, game boxes strewn across the couch, laptops on the table where there had been cake a few hours ago, wires snaking out from the bedroom- all a huge mess.

It's not a new revelation but this sort of day reminds me of how different and how much more civilised we are compared to the boys. And next time, we're banishing them to the playground, with plastic helmets and toy guns where they can play to their hearts' content while we eat cake in peace.

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5 thoughts...

5 thoughts...

At 7:12 pm Blogger Little Miss Drinkalot said...

You left out the bit about the guys staring at gratituous "scenes" of pixellated boobs.

At 2:34 am Blogger cour marly said...

I am not manly! I'm maRly. You know, and in marrrrrrrvelous. Bwahahah.

Thanks for having me (and the cake) over! Kate Spade love all around...

LMD - they were not pixellated (or did I unpixellate them in my mind?) and in that universe, no boob is gratuitous.

At 7:16 am Blogger Ondine said...

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At 7:18 am Blogger Ondine said...

Cour Marly,sorry sorry sorry. Typo! OD-ed on too much chocolate cake to have noticed typo. I change now!

LMD- I think I blocked out the pixellated boobs from my mind. But yes, the guys do that quite a bit, staring slacked jawed. You should see them with these beach volleyball games where the girls are in tiny bikinis and the pixellated boobs, according to these experts, "bounce" in the right way and direction.

That's when you want to smack them hard on the back of their head and remind them that what they're staring at are made up of combinations of "1"s and "2"s in computer, geek language. And that is very loser lor.

At 9:49 pm Blogger cour marly said...

no worries lah.

Actually, it made me think of Manly Beach... boy my brain is totally in holiday mode.


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