Saturday, December 20, 2008

On the trail of Grissom, Day 7.

How to get married, Vegas style.

  1. Get some rings. (We did it big by way of Tiffany)
  2. Decide when to do it. (We chose today)
  3. Go to the Regional Justice Centre of Clark County (You have to go through the seedy part of Vegas where the adult movie shops are next to the tattoo parlour which are next to the wedding chapels, all in one stop.)
  4. Fend off the chapel touts. (They're usually immigrants who don't speak very well, trying to push brochures into your hand and give you "big" discount of the packages)
  5. Duck into the Marriage Bureau to get away from the touts.
  6. Fill in separate forms, pay USD$55 to get a license and say thank you to the nice lady speaking to you through the microphone and plexi-glass.
  7. Leave the marriage bureau under the barrage of touts who try to hawk their packages to you while trying to duck the Marshall who will fine them $1000.
  8. Decide which cheesy wedding chapel you want to go to and what kind of wedding. a) Drive through, b) at the window, c) at the fountain (some chapels have fountains), d) at a sweeping staircase, e) By someone famous, f) with Dvds, g) with photos (and then how many?), h) with gown and tux, i) with music, j) with plastic flowers or fresh flowers
  9. Go to said marriage bureau and declare your intention and tell them your choice. We chose a ceremony, with photos, with music, with plastic flowers and a minister who would say a prayer for us.
  10. While waiting your turn, have cheesy wedding photos taken in the true style of the Taiwanese photographers where looking at the corner of the bench for the downcast eye look and taking photographs of the subject in question through a mirror constitutes artistic.
  11. Walk down the aisle, alone to Wagner's Bridal march and have groom meet you at the half way point.
  12. Say "I do" at the appropriate places and repeat the vow of sincerity, faithfulness and helpfulness (No obedience or honouring...) all the while looking at spouse-to-be or spouse already and trying not to laugh.
  13. Place rings on fingers, groom will kiss bride, Minister will declare couple married and couple walk out to Wedding March by Mendelsohn.
  14. Be congratulated by everyone else in the chapel, put back tacky plastic flowers, receive momento marriage cert (we need to send out for the real one).
  15. Tip the photographer and the Minister.
  16. Thank everyone and leave.
  17. Go have a nice meal after that. (We chose Maggiano's and were quite pleased with our choice)
So, that's what we did today. It took us the better part of the afternoon. And we had the Something Old (our clothes, I wanted to do this in a pink wig and something exciting like alien costumes or Buffy outfits or something but it was hard to find and everything in Vegas is crazy expensive) and Something New (our Tiffany rings), Something Borrowed (the tacky plastic floral bouquet) and Something Blue (my hands, even though it's stopped snowing, it's still really cold).

Well, that's the highlight of the day. So how does it feel getting married the second time round to the same guy? Still feels pretty darn good. :)

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Ondine tossed this thought in at 13:49

2 thoughts...

2 thoughts...

At 8:30 pm Blogger Tym said...

Ah, the Italian place was Maggiano's? Excellent choice. I'm now officially jealous of your trip.

PS: I think your top doubles up as Something Blue.

At 11:21 pm Blogger imp said...

even a cynic as i am must say that this absolutely romantic. and so fun! happy holidays you both!


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