Monday, December 15, 2008

On the trail of Grissom, Day 3.

Walking about on the Strip, you're aware that every other tourist has a half-yard cockatil. That's a really tall drink, sometimes in the shape of the Eiffel Tower, sometimes it's in the shape of something you might use to smoke a bong out of. We thought those were tacky but Packrat saw this, a 100oz Monster Mug from Fat Tuesday, a daiquiri store and wanted it. He is after all, given to excesses. It was stunned for words...3 litres of Margerita? Or any other cocktail I wanted? I know I haven't drunk in a long time but that's a lot of making up. I had to admit, the Monster Mug was cool though.

After much back and forthing, primarily because I did not want to stagger back to our hotel and thank God I didn't because it was the day of the sandstorm, we compromised on the smaller one which still had a fun factor to it.

This one was about 1 litre. Still excessive but not as.

So he went to order while I sat back and rested from all the window shopping. I started thinking about how nice it would be to drink again after so many many months of staying dry for the sake of the kids. But he returns, looking forlorn and empty-handed. Why? I ask.

Apparently, they needed ID and apparently the Singapore driver's license is not ID enough for them. And why did they need ID? Because we needed to be over 21. I was a little bit indignant. Also because I had worked myself up into wanting the margarita. What do you mean we can't buy the drink? What do you mean the driver's license was not recognised? What do you mean we're not allowed to buy the drink? Then it dawned on me. We didn't look 21. It didn't matter that we were married and had 2 children. People here could be under 21 with 2 children and married so that didn't count.

So, even though I'm more than 10 years over the age limit, because I didn't have my passport, I couldn't buy a drink from a daiquiri store where all the cocktails were in bright slushy colours. That sucks, in a way.

Of course, I could say that, well, at least we look young enough to get carded. But damn, I wanted that drink.
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