Sunday, December 14, 2008

On the trail of Grissom, Day 2.

How to dress in Las Vegas.

It's 13 degrees in Vegas. That doesn't sound so bad but see the print under the 13 degree weather forecast. BLOWING DUST.

Yes, Las Vegas is in the desert. Which means there's a lot of sand out there. But there's also a lot of wind out there because there are no trees to act as breakers. So, how to dress when the wind is blowing a lot of the sand from the desert into the Strip?

  1. Tie up hair in scrunchy because no matter how much my hair loves the dry air here, it's no point having beautiful hair get matted. And because the air is dry here, I can't really brush my hair without charging myself almost to the point that there are sparks crackling out of me.
  2. Wear flat boots. The lower your CG to the ground the better. There were times when I was clinging onto Packrat because I was about to do a Dorothy and get blown to Oz. I overheard a dad tell his daughter that he needed to tie her to a string and fly her like a kite. Sounds like a plan,
  3. Wear glasses even if not short-sighted. It keeps the grit out of your eyes even when it's turned dark and it turns dark about 5pm.
  4. Layer because it's cold when the sun isn't out but when the sun is out, it's scorching desert sun. And the casinos are all heated so de-layering is also necessary indoors. But thin Target socks aren't enough to keep my toes from getting numb at night. So maybe tights under my jeans. I'll try that tomorrow.
  5. Do not wear hats. I saw 3 hats go a flying in the wind. I also saw a pair of pants but I think it would be quite detrimental to me if I went out there without pants, with my hair tied up, 3 tops on, with flat boots and a pair of glasses on.
If only the weather looked as calm as this.

Problem is this is fake sky, indoors, in Caesars' Palace. It weirded me out for a bit, that I was indoors but the sky was so clear. I felt like I was at Hogwarts with the enchanted ceiling which depicted the sky outside.

We're headed back out again now, in more comfy shoes and a thicker jacket.

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