Thursday, November 20, 2008

I like my men...

According to the marriage counsellor who facilitated our group when Packrat and I were doing our Marriage Prepartory Course (it was and is mandatory for those wanting to get married in church), Packrat is Mars and I am Venus. We are poles apart and as I am the quintessential girl, wanting attention, affection, always wanting to talk, quick tempered and passionate, he is the quintessential boy, stoic, prefers action to words, occasionally broody and loves his tech toys. It makes for interesting dynamics. These things that define him as a guy are what annoy the heck out of me, and I'm sure similarly the sentiments are returned 100%.

Unfortunately, the general distate for all the stoicism of the world and its related qualities has transcended into movies. There is much hype about the Quantum of Solace and Packrat had enjoyed it when he went to see it without me. Obviously, I kicked a big fuss over that and that guaranteed that he would watch it a second time when he went to see it with me. I had generally been neutral about the new Bond before, during and after Casino Royale. It was Packrat who seemed to have objection to how Daniel Craig made Bond boorish and almost unrefined.

My objections manifested only when we went to see the Quantum. And it manifested by my sleeping through most of the movie and waking up feeling very dissatisfied and disgruntled. I had fallen asleep because

  1. I'm always tired and cinemas often have an effect on me.
  2. I realised I didn't care for the movie. There was nothing in it to hold my attention. I knew that when I first had to fight the urge to fall asleep just after the title song and that, even for me, is early in the movie.
  3. I did not like Bond. Not so much that I did not like the movie. I wasn't given a chance to like the movie because I fell asleep but I did not like Bond.
  4. Bond hardly utters 10 words in the movie.
In fact, I was downright grumpy about him and I let it be known to Packrat. And I also declared that I hadn't disliked Bond like that before. In fact, I had enjoyed the previous Bond movies and the previous Bond. That was when revelation struck the both of us. The reason I didn't like the current Bond was part of the same reason I had liked the previous one.

I don't like the current Bond because of all the things I stated above
  1. He was broody
  2. He didn't mutter more than 10 words
  3. There was no charm. Just a lot of killing people.
  4. There was much stoicism. Yes, we know he loved the girl who betrayed him but how did he deal with that? Kill kill kill. Not what I look for in a man.
  5. He is a guy's Bond.
And I liked the Pierce Brosnan Bond because

  1. At least he had funny one-liners and wry humour
  2. He oozed charm and was suave. Daniel Craig looks good in a tux the way a model would look good in a tux. It's just a tux on a nice body. Pierce Brosnan looked at home in the tux.
  3. He looked like he was capable of woo-ing a woman instead of just wanting to have sex with her.
  4. I liked him when he was Remington Steele.
  5. He didn't alienate the women in the audienc

Not the most intellectual of reasons but I'm part of the audience and they probably lost my 6 or 8 bucks for the next movie and so on till another Bond comes along and then we'll see if I go back. But for now, I'm leaving Bond to Packrat and I think what makes it all the harder for me is that this year has seen the dearth of chick flicks and I'm shallow enough to say, that's where some of the more desirable men are, by chicky standards anyway.

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1 thoughts...

At 1:43 pm Blogger restlessly said...

Stumbled onto your blog again, after a few years. :)

"...this year has seen the dearth of chick flicks and I'm shallow enough to say, that's where some of the more desirable men are, by chicky standards anyway."

In TOTAL agreement with you here. But I just saw a movie that rather satisfied me on this point - a German film called Keinohrhasen (Rabbit Without Ears). It's kinda' sweet. :)


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