Sunday, September 28, 2008

Presenting Eve

Presenting my new toy- Eve

I haven't had all that much time to tinker around with it but I like knowing that it's there.

Things I like about it.
1. It's pretty.
2. My chat platform is a little duck that flaps its wings when messages comes in and has its eyes closed when I am offline.
3. It lets me do groovy things with my photographs.
4. I like the interface although when I go to work and use my PC laptop at work, I am momentarily confused.

Things I don't like about it.
1. Sometimes I lose things I minimise because I have no idea where they get minimised to.
2. When I tried to stick a weather thing on my Dashboard, it would tell me the weather for Key Largo and immediately the Kokomo song comes to my mind and I'm still stuck for the weather in Singapore although it's never anything of interest. Give me a day when the weather goes below 20 and I'll be pleased as punch.
3. I can't isync it to my Nokia 6220.
4. I haven't figured out how to bring work to and fro because it shows up here but not at work. Although that makes the leaving work at work situation much more realistic to do.
5. I am 3 grand and a bit poorer.

But, isn't it so pretty? :)

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