Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bye bye Clover

I haven't had a new computer in years. Actually since my old desk top from when we got married and got our own place 5 years ago. Up till the point when we moved in with my in laws, the Old Boxer was still chugging a long fine. I liked my ergonomic key board and relatively large screen. But now that we're in closer and tighter quarters, I no longer have the luxury of space for that ol' Boxer. So, Packrat generously let me have Clover, his laptop while he went on to greater things, by greater I mean a super powered game machine with a screen larger than most tvs I know.

The problem is Packrat used the laptop more than I used Ol' Boxer so it's on it's last legs, flashing angry uncooperative messages at me. The last straw was when it stubbornly refused to fire up Firefox for me. No amount of cajoling, coaxing or threatening would convince it to start up.

This led us to start discussing replacement options. Perhaps when Ol' Clover overheard us talking earnestly about replacing her would she realise we were being serious. The choice was between a super-duper Clover redux, outfitted for more than I would ever using it for; I was afterall going to buy that from a boy who also gamed like Packrat did or a pretty Eve like Mac.

So, I haven't figured it out. Of course, one big issue is the money. I don't have any. And another is space. I don't have any either. But I am suffering web withdrawls, so till then, there'll be radio silence.

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1 thoughts...

At 6:44 pm Blogger Wes & Jo said...

macbook! it's small and handy. it's 1.6k and when you throw in a teacher's discount, it's super value! wes


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