Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kampong Chicken

Conversation about me.

A friend's sister who hadn't seen me in a long while had this conversation with my friend about me...

Friend's sister: What happened to her???
Friend: She had kids.
Friend's sister: WHAT HAPPENED TO HER???
Friend (uncertain of what other response she wanted): Er, she had kids.
Friend's sister: Then why is she so skinny??? Is she ok? Is she doing this to herself on purpose?
Friend: Even if she drinks oil, she'll look like that.
Friend's sister: But she looks skinny and tough....
Friend:... skinny and tough? You make her sound like meat that cannot be eaten because it's too tough.
Friend's sister: EXACTLY.

My reaction: I'm a free-range chicken that's not been injected with hormones and allowed to run free?

Apparently, it's because I'm skinny-ish and have very prominent veins on my arms. I don't know why they've become so prominent that an blind anaesthesist could insert an IV blind into my arm, but they are.

I haven't stopped chuckling though.

I am kampong chicken, hear me crow!

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