Friday, June 27, 2008

Mis-alingned planets

Packrat's gone to the movies. He asked me to go but I mournfully turned him down because I had work to do. It's an hour after he's left and I've only just settled down to get my work done. It's taken me that long because,

a) I couldn't find my mouse. I know I don't need my mouse to do work but since Packrat's not home, I need some company.

b) I couldn't find my pencil case. That I needed otherwise I really couldn't get down to work.

c) I really didn't want to start work so I sorted out my clothes into piles. Want but cannot fit into, Don't want but can fit into, Don't want and cannot fit into, Want and fit into.

Now I'm done with all that so I should be able to get down to work but some how or other, my world just feels out of order and the planets are misaligned so I think it's going to take me that much longer.

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