Saturday, June 14, 2008

Blocked passages

All through the time I was pregnant till now, I'd hardly been sick except for a bout of food poisoning that sent me into a panic with wild thoughts of possibly being pregnant again. Unfortunately, that luck's run out. Actually, it's got to do with the kids more than with me. When the kids get sick, because of the close contact, their caregivers succumb and drop like flies. This was literally what happened. Kids were sick before we left for Melbourne. So, I got sick but because they were so ill, I didn't have time to look after myself.

I took the sick to Melbourne and lost my voice there. With the opportunity of sleep, it didn't get all that bad even though it didn't go away. I did find out that if, in the event of war, I was taken hostage and needed to be tortured, what the perfect torture device for me would be. Flying on a small plane to and from Sydney, with a congested upper respiratory track not only blocks up my ears, it makes it feel like my brain was expanding rapidly inside my skull and threatening to explode out from between my eyes. The pain was so excruciating, I was ready to cry out in pain and was almost ready to yank out my arm to hit myself so that I could distract myself from the pain. I would have sold national secrets (if I knew any, that is) and possibly a kidney to make the pain stop.

By the time we got back to Singapore, I thought the worst was over and plunged myself into making up for lost time with the kids. I knew I wasn't all good and ignored the fact that the temperature change couldn't be all that good for me. And it wasn't. I woke up yesterday morning feeling like crap and when I went to clear my throat, everything came out bloody. That wasn't sounding like something normal. I thought TB or pneumonia or something vaguley horrific.

Turns out my nasal passages were blocked from all the change in pressure and temperature and that caused an infection to occur. And there was no avoiding the antibiotics because it was a bacterial infection and it was bleeding which really isn't a good thing at any time. I got something like 5 drugs to clear off the infection and that amounted to a princely amount of $140. Argh! Pain! Just when I was listening to a political debate about how it's better for someone to take a drug that costs a dollar a day rather than a $40 000 surgery. Sigh, I guess that would really be considering the big picture but it's much easier to focus on the here and now where $140 is a lot of money to spend on medication. Obviously I'd much rather spend it else where, especially since I haven't quite made use of the big sale that's on everywhere now.

But since it has been more than 18 days of sick, I should focus on getting myself well even if I'm not contagious.

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