Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Finding the mundane

I haven't been blogging. For many reasons. One, it's difficult and slightly schizophrenic trying to keep two blogs and trying to keep the 2 separate in terms of personalities and content. Two. I hardly have enough time to upkeep one blog although the other one is pretty easy since I usually revolve it around photographs of the kids. Three. I'm exhausted and find it hard to utter a coherent thought let alone write it.

Then I look at the blog links I have on the page and realise with some degree of horror that many people on my link list, have either stopped blogging or have blogs I no longer visit. It's easier to figure out the latter. Once again, it boils down to time. Or is it energy? I'm at my computer a lot, everytime I express, I'm online. That amounts to about 3 times a day (barring the time at work) for about 20-60 minutes a time. But much of the time, my brain's pretty addled by all the other things that I do, offline. So, rather than surf blogs and read like I used to, I just look at, as ditzy as it may sound, pretty shopping pages where my brain hardly ever gets taxed. If I feel that my batteries have a little bit more juice, I try to catch up some news and figure out what's going on in the world out there. Most of the time, it's not good news, but I gotta know it so that I can teach it. So, I'm hardly reading the blogs. Occasionally, I pop by and marvel at how much everyone else has done while I'm still plodding along.

Then, there are those who've stopped blogging. Mostly because they have lost the inclination to, the blog fad has given way to blogging lite in the form of Facebook. You don't really have to do much on FB except update your status and it's much easier to interact with those out there by hurling books, chickens, an Oreo, a bowl of gumbo etc at them. Less brain cells, further reach. But even that, I've pretty much given up on. The attraction didn't hold. Other people, like me, well, just found that life got in the way and exhaustion hits like a wall.

I miss blogging and try to find time to do so. But time's such a precious commodity. Rather than sit and write, there's so much else for me to do like hang out with Packrat, watch television which is a rare treat these days or even take a nap and attempt to cancel my large sleep deficit. It all seems rather mundane and inconsequential and literary pursuits, if you can call this one, shouldn't be sacrificed in the name of the mundane. But well, in my world, I need some of the mundane and gain some sort of equilibrium.

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1 thoughts...

At 2:12 pm Blogger Eunice said...

hello :) i've stopped blogging but pop by here once in a while. congrats on the little ones they are incredibly cute!


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